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Peeping Tom???

who's talking here?

a5185603uu 1

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a5185603uu --- 7 years ago -

Okay, so I live in Central Deluz housing, and since Halloween of last year have been having issues with a peeping tom. Some guy keeps showing up and peeking into our bedroom windows. Our blinds keep getting messed up because of our dog. Anyway, I never saw him personally, our neighbors and my husband did, but they say that he is tall, sometimes wears camis, but doesn't look like a marine because he is overweight, and often tells my neighbors that he is a friend of ours staying over. We keep calling PMO but they are pretty much useless because all they do is alk up and down the street with flashlight and never look for him where I tell them he went, which is behind our house he always runns into the ditch back there that leads to the main road. Does anyone else have issues with a peeping tom? I'm thinking about setting up cameras. 

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