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What ever happened to?

who's talking here?

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~ * ChIcKaDeE * ~ 1
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Ink spot 1
Dirty Sanchez 2
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??? --- 8 years ago -

D, Peachy Keene, Chickadee, sweets, dani walsh, gadget? 

Dirty Sanchez --- 8 years ago -

I know where one of them is. She's in a different state and no longer has any military affiliation at all so she has no reason to stop by here anymore. 

Whatevergirl 2 --- 8 years ago -

I don?t know about sweets, d or chickadee but everyone else is doing good. 

gidget --- 8 years ago -

I have no clue who you are but I'm guessing you meant me instead of Gadget. 

PeachyKeene --- 8 years ago -

Who are you? 

Ink spot --- 8 years ago -

Man I almost forgot about this site 😊 

DaniP --- 8 years ago -

Need to get this party started. Sometimes I have questions, thoughts, or trash talking I need to do without people knowing who I am. :) 

YeaOk --- 8 years ago -

I miss lurking on here and reading all the crazy stuff on my breaks. I also miss all the crazy good deals WEG would post on here... (Hint Hint WEG^) :) 

a3884291uu --- 8 years ago -

What about notthattina? Or even that chick who was selling goodies out of her house in I think Fallbrook or Bonsall.

Dirty Sanchez - just because someone doesn't have military affiliation do you really think that's going to bar them from being on this now cricket site? Like seriously who's checking credentials. Are you now the gate guard? 

Dirty Sanchez --- 8 years ago -

oh i just meant she chooses to not log on here not that she's not allowed. lol.

She said she sees no point logging onto a camp pendleton forum when she lives in another state now. She still communicates with friends she made here, but she uses other means to do so. 

a3884291uu --- 8 years ago -

Well seeing most already answered that leaves you to with d or sweets. I'm sure the other ladies don't live at CP either - don't stop them from waggin their tails they see their screen name called. Shows who continues to troll the cricket site. 

a3884291uu --- 8 years ago -

oh shit missed chick - where is she anyone know? 

~ * ChIcKaDeE * ~ --- 8 years ago -

Oh my account still exist!! LOL....hiiiiiieeeeeeee....what it be yo! It's been FOREVER! 

sweetcheeks --- 8 years ago -

I'm still here lol 

firemediccaptain --- 8 years ago -

OH wow... the good ole bunch! 

a3884291uu --- 7 years ago -

sweetcheeks I don't think you're the person I mentioned unless you originally went by the name sweets when you first started your account. Either way I think I found her.....I think 

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