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Buying from Factory Direct Design question

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deya 3
Princessleia 2

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deya --- 9 years ago -

Has anyone recently bought from factory direct from PYS? I'm thinking of getting bunk beds for my girls as we are moving into a smaller place. I've looked for other post but they are either one or 2 years old.
What would you guys get? Bunk beds or a trundle beds? I'm just scared that the trundle bed would last long. We will have carpet like the ones we have on base. I need input please. 

deya --- 9 years ago -

No one? :( 

Princessleia --- 9 years ago -

I have only bought mattresses from them. So I don't know about the bunk beds. I would buy bunk beds instead of the trundle; unless the trundle is going to be used for when guests come over. 

deya --- 9 years ago -

Thank you. how are the mattresses from there? No. It would be one bed for each girl , because they don't like sharing. 

Princessleia --- 9 years ago -

We love our mattresses. We got a queen and boxspring. And we got twin mattresses with the Bunkie boards for our bunk beads. 

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