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Any suggestions??

who's talking here?

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sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

So my BFF & her husband just got sent to Jacksonville fl. She is pretty down & wants to meet new people. Anyone know how I can help her? Are there any groups for navy mommy groups? Tia 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -


JediMommy --- 10 years ago -

Check out to see if there is an underground for there 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

I did 

SunnyLove --- 10 years ago -

If she young kids she could join a moms club to meet others. If she works she could meet coworkers. 

blah blah blah --- 10 years ago -

Have you tried searching fb? 

blah blah blah --- 10 years ago -!/groups/169651816430388?slog=1639391538&seq=1868083474&rk=0&fbtype=69&__user=100001651720307 

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