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who's talking here?

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eidle --- 5 years ago -

I need to know how much the daycare rate if anyone have idea.. And any suggestion we liveat oceanside...Thanks 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Depends on the age 

Maleficent --- 5 years ago -

And the place

My kid is 4 and for full time preschool/daycare at places I consider up to standard it was $855/month (broke down to about $200/week) and $235/week. This was not on base.

I did find another place that was about $150 / week and the give military discount but they way they talked to me, answered the phone And handled me as a possible customer, there was no way in hel l I would leave my kid there. 

eidle --- 5 years ago -

Wow its really expensive..
Well my i have 2 sons turning 3 & 18 months..
and ill be giving birth in 2 months so I am thinking to put them in school because we just got in here and have nobody to help me out... I guess ill try to find a nanny instead...
but thanks for the info anyway// :) 

Maleficent --- 5 years ago - is good and if you're military you can get a free membership. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

I would say for full time 20 a day each child. So if you are looking for full time 200 a week. Depends on if they are licensed or what not to. 

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