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Baby Play Date

who's talking here?

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JTsmama --- 5 years ago -

Hi Everyone,
Just wondered if anyone is interested or knows of baby play dates for babies under 1? We just moved here and have one son that is ten months old. I saw some old threads and didn't know if any of the groups still meet. Also, does anyone have any info on the Baby & Me class at Deluz? 

a3540557uu --- 5 years ago -

When/ if you find out please message me. I have an 8 month old little girl and would like to participate in play dates. 

Meaningful --- 5 years ago -

The baby and me class at Deluz is awesome! Ms. Tassy is great, the classes for babies start at 4 months up. I took my kids there until they went to the CDC. It's an interactive class that meets twice a wk. 

JTsmama --- 5 years ago -

I found this group and joined. It is smaller but they are pretty active and exclusively for younger babies.
Thank you for the info on the Baby class Everlast. Do you know who to contact about it? 

grantsmommy --- 5 years ago -

are you breastfeeding? I know there are groups on Facebook for breastfeeding moms =D 

zoeyrose2011 --- 5 years ago -

hi i also have a 8 month baby girl i dont know of any groups but i do know we sure would love a play date and my daughter doesnt really get interaction with other babies 

JTsmama --- 5 years ago -

We should set up a play date at a park this week. JT would love to have some girlfriends. 

zoeyrose2011 --- 5 years ago -

yes we would love that any specific day in mind? and location 

Meaningful --- 5 years ago -

Thank you for the info on the Baby class Everlast. Do you know who to contact about it?
Call CP YMCA @ 760-385-4921 they have a facebook page too :) 

JTsmama --- 5 years ago -

There is a baby storytime at Oceanside Mission Branch Library on Wednesday at 10:30 am. Let me know if you are interested. It sounds like fun! 

zoeyrose2011 --- 5 years ago -

Yes that sounds great I am not sure where that library is but sounds fun 

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