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who's talking here?

Taminator 2
BellaLaVie 1
YouReallyThinkSo 1
txbelle 1
RUserious 4
Poison Apple 2
CincinnatiMommy 3

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RUserious --- 5 years ago -


CincinnatiMommy --- 5 years ago -

haha i saw this and could not stop laughing...then i just wanted to flag it lol man shes really ticked . 

RUserious --- 5 years ago -

i wanted to flag it also! 

Taminator --- 5 years ago -

seriously stop flagging.. its funny how there are only 2 post ever left up for babysitting. really are you guys that insecure about your business you have to keep flagging people!! If your not good at your job and people don;t want to hire you take that as a hint and find a new career.. if I get flagged one more time I will go in here and flag you two girls every time you get on and post even if I have to open different accounts.. and I will call you out by name on here next time BOTH of you

For everyone to read before it gets deleted ;)

I really want to flag her posts now lol 

RUserious --- 5 years ago -

Girl stop. It wasn't us who Flagged your posts about babysitting. Im not looking for one, so your getting crunk at the wrong people. Your post about FLAGGING NEED TO BE FLAGGED! Just keep doing what you do and dont worry about Flaggers, I dont think no one wants to hire a baby sitter who make up different accounts to go off on flaggers. Just post it on HERE! Wish you good luck in you CAREER of baby sitting. Thanks and have a good day. 

Taminator --- 5 years ago -

You know I was just coping what she wrote so others could read it after it got deleted? Im not the person who made the post lol 

RUserious --- 5 years ago -

LOL SORRYYY! dumb i must didnt read the whole post! 

BellaLaVie --- 5 years ago -

"crunk". *le sigh* 

CincinnatiMommy --- 5 years ago -

^ Do people on this site just try to start drama 

Poison Apple --- 5 years ago -

CincinnatiMommy, you think this is bad? PU is nothing now compared to 3years ago. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Yes they do but this is very mellow. Go read some post from a few years ago if they havent been deleted. 

txbelle --- 5 years ago -

The PU is so much calmer than the 29U. I swear everyday there was some kind of drama brewing. I stopped getting on there because it was ridiculous. Glad this is so much more mellow :) 

CincinnatiMommy --- 5 years ago -

Wow..just read some of them.. thats crazy.Some people just need to grow up and get a life. 

Poison Apple --- 5 years ago -

Good times. 

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