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Maternal-Fetal-Medicine doctors in O-side area?

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LilShutterbug 3
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LilShutterbug --- 6 years ago -

Has anyone seen a good MFM in the Oceanside area? After 6 losses (including a little boy last October at almost 6 months), I finally have a "high risk" label---it only took moving home for a deployment and going to a civilian doctor.

The specialists here have written up a plan for care for me and are doing everything they can to help me get a viable pregnancy next time, but since I will be moving back to Cali, they can't actually treat me through the pregnancy. So, I will need a referral to an MFM there from my primary when I move back soon.

I want to go into the consult with my primary to plan out things with my ducks in a row and the name of an MFM who will accept me/Tricare because I have to be seen ASAP once I find out I'm pregnant (since I will be undergoing medical treatment while trying ...and I'm insanely fertile, so I know I'll be knocked up within days of hubby returning if I don't take care of this now! That'd be just my luck!

So, please help me find a good MFM!

And those of you who see civilian specialists, who is your primary? I need a primary who isn't going to fight me about referring me out to a civilian specialist! 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I was taken care of by San Diego Perinatology for my last pregnancy. I ended up having life-threatening severe complications at the end and they took amazing care of me. They managed to buy us about 36 hours for steroids to work before my urgent c-section. Baby was only 31 weeks and that made a huge difference. He has been on room air pretty much since birth. Good luck. :) 

LilShutterbug --- 6 years ago -

San Diego Perinatology---

What doctor(s) did you see?
Who referred you to them?
Do you have their phone number? 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Sorry, it's actually San Diego Perinatal Center. I saw all the doctors but Dr. Daneshmand treated me on the day delivery was decided and performed the c-section. He founded an organization called Miracle Babies. All the doctors were great. My OB referred me. I think they just changed their phone number due to moving offices, I don't happen to have it on me. 

LilShutterbug --- 6 years ago -

I foudn it online. Thanks.
I will definitely ask my Primary about referring me straight to them so I can skip a regular OB (my situation really requires seeing a GOOD OB and not one that will blow me off within days of finding out I'm pregnant, so that's why I am researching now).

And I absolutely refuse to see any military doctors for OB again based on a history riddled with nothing but awful military OBs, I just don't want to take that chance again.

My son's primary at the NH was awesome and I've generally had a good experience with the pediatricians there, but I'm not a fan of the OBs. At all. 

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