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Hair Help (Weave)

who's talking here?

jujubeanies 1
Sgtswyfe2009 2

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Sgtswyfe2009 --- 5 years ago -

Does anyone know any other beauty supply stores other than the one off Coast Hwy or Mimi's on (El Camino)? I need some more options to get my hair. Mimi's is grossly over priced and she is rude. The one on Coast is super small with limited inventory. Help!

Oh and I mean weave like Indian Remy hair or Yaki perm. Not clip ins that I can get from Sally's or Ulta.


jujubeanies --- 5 years ago -

Hair ( one word)
Or Casablanca in vista off vista way 

CHANEE --- 5 years ago -

buying weaving hair is soo dissappointing because its so expensive to get the good ones 

Sgtswyfe2009 --- 5 years ago -

Thanks jujubeanies, I'm always on hair sisters and clairhair. I forgot about Casa Blanca! In going to check them out. I always tell my husband if I opened a beauty supply store on base or in Oceanside/Vista, we would be freakin rich!

Chanee- it really is! I like to go on hair sisters because they have good prices. I was desperate today and had to go to a BSS to buy hair and for some reason there aren't many options in SoCal. 

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