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yogimama --- 6 years ago -

Hey camp pendleton! Summer is right around the corner so why not start getting ready to look and FEEL your best!

Small group or one on one yoga classes.

POWER YOGA- High intensity yoga flow that will build stamina and burn fat while gaining muscle and flexibility. You will be amazed at how you feel after this class!

Restorative/Gentle flow yoga- Increase your flexibility while unwinding and de-stressing with a slower paced yoga flow.

These classes are specifically designed for YOU and your fitness goals and most importantly to fit in YOUR schedule!

Reserve your 60 minute session with a trained instructor today!

Located in San onofre one inside of Camp Pendleton. No babysitter? No problem, I'll come to you!

Also available, Yoga at San Onofre beach!

One on one session- $30
Bring a friend 2 for $40
$10 a person after that up to SIX people per group!

(305)815-6502 Ask for Mel 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

Are you a yogi? 

yogimama --- 6 years ago -

lol I'd like to think so......? 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

Are you a yogi? 

This made Yoshi pop into my head...and now I wanna play Super Mario Bros [Super Nintendo] 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

lol I'd like to think so......?

My understanding was a Yogi was a yoga master that went through very intense and spiritual training. My parents' friend is a Yogi and he had to go to Nepal before he got the title. 

yogimama --- 6 years ago -

Thats the beautiful thing about yoga, your understanding is just that :) 

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