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Kid's first fair

who's talking here?

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DaniP --- 10 years ago -

Tomorrow is the fair, it is at Paige fieldhouse but i don't know the area. Can anyone give me me directions? I know where the commissary is and the hospital. Thanks so much! 

MommaNanny --- 10 years ago -

Do you know what kind of things they will be doing? And time? 

JediMommy --- 10 years ago -

I know its from 10 til 2 I really hope there are things younger kids can do. 

DaniP --- 10 years ago -!/photo.php?fbid=10150811919459756&set=a.379371374755.156729.341075984755&type=1&theater

That's all i know! 

DaniP --- 10 years ago -

We got the flyer in the mail and my 4 year old daughter saw it...she has been no stop talking about it for weeks now! 

Alisa --- 10 years ago -

If you take vandergrift towards the naval hospital, then turn/curve right on rattlesnake canyon road ( this is the light where the road splits)

Take rattlesnake canyon up to the next light (which is vandergrift again) and turn right you will see a firehouse on the right corner at this turn.

Take vandergrift past the little chapel, past the soccer field, to the second stop light and turn left at the light. Page field house will be down the street on your left. 

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