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Hanging homecoming banner

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Soon2bDIwife --- 6 years ago -

My husband is going to be returning very soon!!!!! I made a 4'x6' banner that I want to hang from the garage. Any suggestions on how to best hang it? As of right now they will be coming home around 9 pm and I plan on putting it up at least the day before so if it falls, I'll know to find another way to make it work. I considered putting button holes in all 4 corners and using those command strip hooks. Has anyone tried this before?
Also, what is considered proper timing for the banner? How long before and after should it be up? I've seen some up for weeks. I don't plan on being crazy but I'm very proud of ours. I want to show it off! lol 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Using those command hooks would probably be a great idea! I just used packing tape applied to the back of the sign, but then you have to make sure you leave no residue. Command hooks work really well and sounds like a much better idea.

We always put up our sign just before we would leave to go get him, and then remove it the next day. The sign was always for him, not to announce it to the entire neighborhood. My husband wouldn't have liked me leaving it up longer anyway. You should do whatever feels right for your family. 

blah blah blah --- 6 years ago -

Yep we put our up 2 days before and left it up 2 days after. Depending on weather. And we hung ours with command hooks. They work perfect.

Congrats on your hubby coming home:) its always a wonderful celerbration. 

Soon2bDIwife --- 6 years ago -


Did you use the hooks like I plan to or did you just use the strips? I'm thinking of maybe doing that instead now. Then I don't have to put holes in the banner :) I don't know if the strips will stick to fabric though or how many I would need even. This isn't supposed to be so hard! LOL 

AussieGirl --- 6 years ago -

Grommets for sure, so it does not rip.
How exciting for you! Have fun :) 

blah blah blah --- 6 years ago -

I used the command hooks and si I wouldn't have to rip or put holes in the sheet I used the heavy duty paper clip looking things. Worked perfect. 

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