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Missing dogs

who's talking here?

snflwr 5
JAV87 3

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snflwr --- 6 years ago -

Well my dogs (a brittiny spaniel & German short haired) decided to take themselves for a walk tonight. They have been missing since about 5:30 - 6pm ish. The Brittiny is white with brindale coloring and the German Short Haired is white with brown spotting. Both have collars on with our number. The Brittiny has a grey thunder shirt on and the German short haired is wearing a stripped colorfull shirt. If any one see them please let me know. 

snflwr --- 6 years ago -

OK well crazy. Right after I posted this the Brittiny spanial came home. We are still missing the other one. 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

Where did they leave from? (area). :) 

snflwr --- 6 years ago -

LOL I should have posted that. Sorry. Wire Mountain. They other one just showed up too. Man sometimes I dont know what is worse the kids or dogs. 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

Good to hear, I hate hearing about lost animals, I know prior to moving here my husbands boxer mix would literally open the door and take himself for a walk while trying to find me, he had separation anxiety, he nearly got hit by a suburban while I was sprinting to catch him.

Thank goodness he has not tried it here, the screen doors would stop him here, thank goodness, just in case he gets a little to lonely, lol, no self walking for him! When my dog was a puppy he would open the door, get her to run out, then wait, he got smart and hated getting in trouble, haha!

Unrelated topic, do you like the thunder shirt? Our boxer has nervous issues he is a lot better, but just curious. 

snflwr --- 6 years ago -

Our Brittiny has seperation anxiety too. He is on meds for it. However tonight it happened as I was coming in and my son was out in the garage with his friend. Unsure if th kids just werent watching the dogs. Our Front screen is broken so they may have went out that door cause the kids had the walk door open too. UGH.

I think the thunder shirt does help, but the best results were the meds and the shirt. I joke now about my dogs favorite treat being dry wall, but it got that bad. he has some heath problems and as it is getting worse so is his anxiety. Putting him on meds is our last choice. When we first got out here his anxiety wasnt bad. It has gotten worse over the last 2 years. Untreated the vet said it would just keep getting worse.

The thunder shirt has a great warranty from the company it's self and if you get it from petco they offer a 30 day return policy if you dont like it. 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

That is really awesome.

Bandit, our boxer mix, has chewed through a lot of stuff, including out couch, which thankfully I was able to replace the fabric pieces.

Well glad your dog is doing well with the mix, meds will also be our last resort. Hopefully everything continues to go well and hopefully no more self-walking trips, lol! At least they made it home safely. :) 

snflwr --- 6 years ago -

Thank you! 

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