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Your Favorite Easter Dinner Foods

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AnonyMISS --- 6 years ago -

Hey all, thought it might be fun to share our favorite Easter dinner foods! Or, what is your favorite memory/food from home?

I'm from Southern Maryland and my easter fave is SOMD stuffed ham and great grandma's kale :-) 

Wiscogirl --- 6 years ago -

I'm ALWAYS a fan of Brown sugar glazed ham and mashed potatoes with gravy, no matter what holiday it is :) 

DGAF GIRL --- 6 years ago -

i agree my mom made pinapple brown sugar glazed ham on easter but have and potatoes good stuff :) 

AZbound --- 6 years ago -

Brown sugar glazed ham!!! We LOVE the boars head sweet slice ham with their glaze. It's a little more pricy but so worth it! You use every single bit of fat! They sell them at the commissary. 

Poe --- 6 years ago -


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