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Temecula/murrieta peeps

who's talking here?

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sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

What cable service do u currently have & are u happy? 

ooorah69P --- 7 years ago -

I'm just a little past Murrieta, i have Time Warner cable. It's alright. I've been thinking about trying Verizon FIOS, but don't know anyone who has it to ask how it is. 

vnessa --- 7 years ago -

We have direct tv.. We love it! 

Kcalda --- 7 years ago -

I live in Temecula, we have direct tv and I love it better than any other service that we have ever had! :) 

mommyuv4 --- 7 years ago -

I live in wildomar, right outside of murrietta. We use direct TV and verizon FIOS. We love it. the speed is good and our bill is 107.00 with both services. we have all the movie packages and the DVR box that you can record and watch on any TV. we also have 5 boxes in addition to the dvr.

Great price and no complaints so far. 

Momma2Fur --- 7 years ago -

We have Fios. Love it. Cheaper than any other company we've used. 

Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

We had time warner but had a few issues with them re overcharging and charging us for a fight we don't even watch. Aa few mo later we were charged again for some ppv game we didnt order, both times they refused to remove the charges. So we switched to direct Tv and Rios. But mommyuv4 wi have a better package than me lol. We were offered a better pig then we have now to switch all to just Rios. So when contract is up we may just swtich 

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