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Not PYS buuuuutttt need right now....

who's talking here?

Mandy May 2
Poe 1
Yeahyou 1

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Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

I am looking ro buy a ps3 slim right now so if you are selling yours for under 2OO is its a 160 gb will pay a little more for more gb and bundle. Also looking for COD.3 and wireless head set. 

Poe --- 7 years ago -

How much are those new now? 

Yeahyou --- 7 years ago -

PS3 (new) $300. (used) $250ish
COD 3 (new) $50+tax. (used) $45+tax
Wireless H/S (new) $30. (used) $25.
Charging cable for Controller (which is not included w/ the PS3) $10.
There ya go! good luck finding one for under $200. 

Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

Never mind Hubby beat me to it lol. I was trying to get one cheaper befor he went out and got one lol. He got it (Ps3 slim) and the COD3 for 320 out the door All new. The head set cost more than the friggen game lol. He paid 60 for those alone. Geesh men and their toys lol 

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