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Hispanic Hair salons

who's talking here?

EastCoastChik 1
dtavarez 2
southernheart88 1

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dtavarez --- 11 years ago -

Are there any Hispanic hair salons around the area that you ladies might know of in oceanside? Preferably Dominicans because they do my hair the best being that I am Dominican myself. My hair is very thick, very curly and frizzy. I know there's a few in the LA area but that is too far. Thanks! 

EastCoastChik --- 11 years ago -

I wish! Unwill soon learn cali sucks for dominicans and ricans! 

southernheart88 --- 11 years ago -

there is a salon inside mission bazzar theres a guy there that works wonders lol and the owner is just as great with hair. the prices are great so that helps 

dtavarez --- 11 years ago -

Hey southern heart do you know his name by any chance and where exactly is located? Yeah eastcoastchik I know!!! This sucks! ;( 

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