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Anyones husband deployed on ship?

who's talking here?

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xloux --- 6 years ago -

if anybody's husband is deployed on ship right now how long does it take for them to receive a care package? 

☆.bright eyes.☆ --- 6 years ago -

It usually takes about 2 weeks to get there when I send them, but it could take longer depending on where they are and stuff. 

Donny --- 6 years ago -

Yep if they are in port it's quicker if they are at sea longer. Sometimes packages chase the ship around for weeks before the ship gets them. All depends on where they are and where they are going. 

blah blah blah --- 6 years ago -

The longest my hubs had to wait was 2 months due to they were supossed to pull in then didn't so my 2 packages were chasing them like donny said. But most of the time its about 2-3 weeks. 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

It depends. My hubby is on a ship right now. The FRO told us 2 weeks (roughly) and his last one took over a month to get there. 

Donny --- 6 years ago -

The FRO told us 2 weeks

Unless that FRO controls the mail they know squat, it's best guess. My mother sent me a care package every two weeks religiously on my last 10 month deployment.

Worst was 3 packages in one mail call because two of them chased the ship. One of those two packages was chasing my ship for 10 weeks the other a month.

Depends on what the ships are doing too and where they are. We do get mail out at sea it's choppered in from land to the main/control ship (usually the flat deck a LHA, or LHD) then sorted and delivered to the accompany ships over the next week. So if your spouse is on one of the flat tops they will always get their mail first before the smaller ships. 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

Unless that FRO controls the mail they know squat, it's best guess. My mother sent me a care package every two weeks religiously on my last 10 month deployment.

Honestly, she's a moron who obviously knows jack about the military and how things work. (Not sarcasm, I can't stand the woman.) I really don't know how she's a FRO and not fired yet.

I just sent my hubby a box with 7 nerf guns in it for his team. Hopefully my gift doesn't get them in too much trouble haha. 

champatlife --- 6 years ago -

usually took 2-3 weeks, but I sent packages so often some would get to him a month later where ones that I had shipped at a later date got to him sooner.

side creepy story- I sent a package out for my husband for our anniversary (on 28th) in it I sent valentines stuff as well thinking regardless when it his it would make it in time for one of the holidays. I was at my MILs packed up a box and she took it to the post office for me I mailed January 5th-- January 8th (and I'm not lying) I got an email from my husband saying, "I got the biggest cookie ever today, and it's amazing!" I went... "cool from who (yeah I sent a giant cookie, but it shouldn't be possible for it to had made it to the FPO mail sorting and then to the med sea in 3 days. Creeped me out almost, I asked my MIL which post office she used she said, "oh some little Iranian one down the road, they service a lot of carriers." 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

Dang they must have flown that box to him! When they are on the MEU sending yummy goodies was something I did with the first 2 boxes then no more homemade goodies. I sent some this time around, but they were on land for a while. 

xloux --- 6 years ago -

Thanks guys :) Im going to be sending him packages every 2 weeks, think I will run out of ideas of what to send him. Anyone got any creative ideas? 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

NERF GUNS!!!!!! And my hubby likes me to send "his" shampoo, bodywash, deodorant, and toothpaste. Also, magazines. Nothing big because there isn't much personal space. And food. Lots of snack type foods. 

Donny --- 6 years ago -

Those summer sausage things with the cheese in them are a big hit on the ships. We had so many people sending them out to us we actually had a separate locker in our berthing filled to the top with unused cheeses. lol.

My sister sent me rum balls that were so soaked in 151 rum that the alcohol separated from the balls by the time it reached me on the ship (thank God she sent it in tubaware)...yeah 1 rum ball each and we were all staggering around the ship's amazing how your tolerance goes to ZERO after a few months with no booze. 

champatlife --- 6 years ago -

That main brand of summer sausage and cheese (why can't I think of the name) they ship free to too addresses and when I ordered did discounts. 

champatlife --- 6 years ago -

Fpo addys 

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