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belly bandit ?

who's talking here?

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southernheart88 --- 11 years ago -

has anyone bought one ? im just wondering if its worth the money or if im better of getting a regular body shaper. this is my third baby so i want all the help i can get lol 

zoe324 --- 11 years ago -

I used it after my second baby and it seemed to help. My stomach went down alot faster. Im not sure if it was because of the band or the fact I didn't have a Csection with my second. I have a brand new one that I am selling. 

southernheart88 --- 11 years ago -

i used a regular body shaper last time and it worked well but now its to big for use this time .
what size and color how much ? 

a3074927uu --- 11 years ago -

I just used a big fat ace bandage. They're way cheaper and adjustable! I think it helped a whole lot. Especially with my tailbone because it hurts my whole pregnancy and as soon as the baby's out and I'm wrapped for at least a few days the pain completely goes away. I learned the hard way with my first and was in a lot of pain the first few weeks until my mother in law wrapped me up and the pain was almost gone by the next day. It does help with my uterus too of course. 

zoe324 --- 11 years ago -

Its a small in Nude with plaid on the inside. $35. I had ordered it while I was pregnant as a second and forgot about it. So I never got to use it. 

DocsWife --- 11 years ago -

I used one and I think it helped, but I did have to buy them in a couple of sizes since I shrank down that fast. 

shesfromthevalley --- 11 years ago -

I did ace bandages, wrapped real tight. It worked great! I'm doing it again after I have this baby. 

MySweetBabyBoy --- 11 years ago -

I bought the Bamboo Belly Bandit since they recommend it for use after a c-section. I was too swollen to use it the first day since I had 25 lbs of water weight after delivering. The second day I started wearing it and I swear that it is the reason I lost all the water weight so quick. I went from 136lbs after delivery to 113lbs only 9 days later. I used it day and night though and It was not comfortable but I stuck with it. Its basically just a compression band with Velcro on it.
I am definitely using it again so its worth the money to me. 

southernheart88 --- 11 years ago -

they are a bit pricey but so are some of the slimming tanks and stuff i been looking at lately. i think im gona go ahead and splurge lol 

picsphotography --- 11 years ago -

Mysweetbabyboy...where did you get your bamboo belly bandit, and for how much? 

DocsWife --- 11 years ago -

I had the same belly bandit and got it from Amazon. I also got the shrinkx hips from there. 

HomeIsWhereTheMCSendsUs --- 11 years ago -

yes! omg, its amazing! 

MySweetBabyBoy --- 11 years ago -
I bought it from the actual website so it was $69. I think it was worth it but it is really expensive. 

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