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who's talking here?

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cede --- 7 years ago -

There is thousands of crows flying around my complex! I have no clue what is going on, but it's kind of scary! Anyone else see/hear them!?!? 

Starbucks --- 7 years ago -

Maybe it is because of something you said lately... ;-) 

MaliceInWonderland --- 7 years ago -

Cede- I swear you are crazy lady! LOL!
I spent the night at my friend's apartment (she's in the same complex as you) and there were crows EVERYWHERE around my truck...just mine...
Had the WORST dream ever that night!

Where's my AMF? You owe me! :p 

cede --- 7 years ago -

Hahha, there was SO many crows, it was really scary! What I said lately? I only say things I believe! ;) 

cede --- 7 years ago -

Hahha, I'm getting ready to move back to Wisconsin, I cant afford a 13 dollar AMF when they are 3 dollars in WI lol 

Amurikan Lunatic --- 7 years ago -

When we were doing the crucible up in the 32 area, thos ebastards would destroy our MREs. 

FLOfam --- 7 years ago -

Lol at ugly sweater 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

I love animal symbolism! Here's what I found on crows!

ONE is a message
TWO is for mirth!
THREE is a marriage,
FOUR is a birth.
FIVE is for riches
SIX is a thief
SEVEN is a journey
EIGHT is a grief.
NINE is a secret
TEN is a sorrow
ELEVEN is for love,
TWELVE is for joy tomorrow.
THIRTEEN is bad luck
FOURTEEN is danger,
FIFTEEN is a change of luck
SIXTEEN is a stranger.
SEVENTEEN is for adventure
EIGHTEEN is a love that's new,
NINETEEN is fame and honor,
TWENTY is a wish that comes true! 

Mrs Zerb --- 7 years ago -

I don't know what part of the complex you are located at, but I haven't seen many. 

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