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Just a question...I hope someone can help me out.

who's talking here?

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Incogneat o --- 7 years ago -

Ok, so I lost my military id card, it either got packed by tmo, or thrown away in all the confusion. We go on terminal leave on Wednesday morning. My question is, I know you have to send back id cards after the EAS date, but if I don't have one, will that get my husband in trouble? Do I have to try and go get a new one before we leave, or will we be ok just sending his back? Sorry to ask, I'm just stressing out and thought I'd see if anyone knew. Thanks in advance! 

Pinme --- 7 years ago -

Really, they charge you for a new military I.D. Now? 

Herefornow --- 7 years ago -

They don't charge a fine, I just lost mine a couple months ago. Just go by the office before you leave and let them know you lost it. The trailer by the front gate usually gets you in and out fast. 

Herefornow --- 7 years ago -

They replaced mine no questions asked I was in and out in 15 minutes and that included stickers for my car. 

Taminator --- 7 years ago -

I never turned my ID in after my EAS and my husband didnt turn in his dependent ID? 

AZbound --- 7 years ago -

I lost mine so I went and got a new one. They didn't charge me a dime. 

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