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Anyone live alone during a deployment?

who's talking here?

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MisssChefff --- 12 years ago -

My hubby is leaving in feb/march time...and i will be living alone and DREADDING IIT!!! But we are getting TWO PUPPIES!!! little belgian malinois (the police dogs) that will help butt friggin frack!! 

RussianSpySlutlana --- 12 years ago -

HELLLL to the NO! im to scared to live alone especially all the break ins ive been hearing 

MissMaggy --- 12 years ago -

People live alone all. the. time. You'll be fine. Just don't constantly announce to the world that you're home alone and lock your doors. 

Maureen --- 12 years ago -

Live alone with kids and a dog...yes.

Having our dog actually made me feel 10 times more comfortable. He's an absolute sweetheart and love bug, but my goodness he has a mean bark! :) 

southernheart88 --- 12 years ago -

I always live alone while he's gone I've done it for the past three and if he leaves this coming year again ill probably live alone again. I love it I have two kids and two cats , I enjoy my privacy but we all have our sad days . 

southernheart88 --- 12 years ago -

Roommates never really work out so i would never put myself thru that drama. 

MisssChefff --- 12 years ago -

we have no kids, and will prob only have the dogs, so me and the dogs 

Ella Mafayo --- 12 years ago -

I did it several times. Well, once without kids and twice with I don't know if having kids counts as "alone" in your book.

The first time I was totally San O 2 housing. But I was really close with my neighbors (and am, in fact, still very good friends with all 3 families today). But I went to work, I took a couple classes at Saddleback College...I kept busy and productive for the most part.

Truthfully, I think everyone should experience living on their own. It's very liberating, and very empowering when you learn that you ARE capable of a lot of things that you didn't think you could do. Depending on others your whole life doesn't do anything for your self-esteem or your ability to function in this world. 

Vanbam --- 12 years ago -

yes i have. its not that bad. if you have a full time job you'll be at work most of the day anyway. take some classes and stay busy. you probably wont be home most of the time anyway.

just use common sense (ie. locking your doors and windows and dont let strangers in your home) and you'll be fine. 

Ella Mafayo --- 12 years ago -

Sorry, dp. Site is acting stupid! 

MisssChefff --- 12 years ago -

yea my hubby bought a its now by our bed 

SecretSquirrel --- 12 years ago -

Mals need a lot of good training, and getting 2 puppies will be tough! Do you have a trainer lined up already?

eta and yes I've lived alone. 

sweetcheeks --- 12 years ago -

I will be alone except the animals and my 10 year old.... 

MissMaggy --- 12 years ago -

yea my hubby bought a its now by our bed 

I hope he has also taught you about it and how to use. I suggest going to the range as much as you can and become comfortable with it. 

TCS 2009 --- 12 years ago -

I adopted our older dog (she was 8 weeks old then) when the hubs left for his last deployment. It was a great distraction between training and constant walks, it kept me positive and busy. I was also working a full-time job, so that helped.
Like some of the others have mentioned, just be careful about talking about your husband being gone and being home alone during that time. There are enough bad people out there and you just need to be extra aware. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

I lived alone.. with no dogs, no family within 3K miles and I was pregnant. It wasn't bad. I didn't work either.. lol. 

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