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Amazing Photos

who's talking here?

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Samantha --- 12 years ago -

I had the most amazing photos taken last week and they were posted today. I don't know how to put them on here*

* Edited by OP's request

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

Do you live in San Diego and your husband's name start with C? Just asking because I'm going to guess your last name is Price and you'd be amazed what comes up with a simple google or facebook search. Don't know if that concerns you. At least make your facebook private. 

Samantha --- 12 years ago -

Nope don't live in San Diego and my last name is not price. But my husbands name does start with a C 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

Funny, because your facebook photos match the photos on the link you gave. I'm not trying to be mean. I just wanted to give you a heads up that your information is fairly public. I've known people mess with my sister that way and I hate to see it happen to other people. 

MrsCrystalS --- 12 years ago -

Creepy... sorry but why would u just randomly search her like that? 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

I hate to see people with lapses in their online security. My sister had some people mess with her (granted she's a teacher and high school students are like that), so ever since, I've been pretty strict about keeping my online profiles private. I don't care who the OP is IRL, I just wanted to make her aware that she is easily searchable. Some people care, some don't. I was just pointing it out. 

ShetoriToe --- 12 years ago -


*Stuart Mesa mother of 1* --- 12 years ago -

Pretty photos! 

Basia --- 12 years ago -


hailstorm --- 12 years ago -

That's kinda weird that you would look up her FB. Lol. I can't see the pictures since I'm on my phone. 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

Whatever. Think what you want but when someone is possibly able to find out where you live, who you're married to, where you work, and who you associate with, with a simple search, that's kind of scary - at least to me. 

MissMaggy --- 12 years ago -

I would have never thought to look that up, but it does make it easy for unsavory people to find you. Perhaps the photographer shouldn't use last names as the password... 

Samantha --- 12 years ago -

Thank you for the compliments, we had so much fun! Skullgirl, I seriously appreciate your concern and looking out, thank you. Missmaggy, I will let Kevin know the suggestion, it's smart, but it's not my last name. I use the last name on facebook for family reasons, but it's not my last name, and neither is the other last name on my facebook. 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

Perhaps the photographer shouldn't use last names as the password...

This is a valid point. 

MammaMia --- 12 years ago -

Beautiful photos! 

Samantha --- 12 years ago -

Maybe a mod can delete my original post. 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

The photos were very nice btw! Very beautiful! 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

Maybe a mod can delete my original post.

They might be able. 

flaFF --- 12 years ago -

#9 is a beautiful picture. :-) 

kikomon --- 12 years ago -

wow! he has some really good work! 

xVivaLaDollx --- 12 years ago -

Do you want me to remove the first comment? 

Samantha --- 12 years ago -

Sure Viva. Thanks. 

EvilAnita --- 12 years ago -

samantha you really should get that name thing worked out! it could cause problems for you at work, like what if your manager put you on the schedule using the name from your fb? jk i want to see the pics! maybe you can figure out how to post a secure link later on. hmm? 

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