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Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 7 years ago -

Tomorrow is my 6 week postpartum check up and I was wondering if anyone ever used Implanon and what your experience was. How long does it hurt for and how was the removal process? What side effects did you have and did it reduce your milk supply? TIA! 

Angie --- 7 years ago -

I Have the implanon now and I love it. I originally had the mirena and it was awful! I seriously bled for like 1 month straight, then had 1 week off then bled for another month straight, this went on for 4 months before I had them get it out..

With the implanon my body set my periods so that I only have one every other month and they are super light when they come.

The insertion isn't bad. They use a needle to numb the place in your arm because the insertion needle is pretty big, but you don't even feel it. It's sore for like a day and then it feels better. Just make sure you keep the pressure bandage on for the required time.

I haven't had mine for quite a year yet, and have no plans to get it out, but it doesn't seem like it will be too bad.

Can't help you on the milk supply because I got it last year and my son was already over a year. 

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