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AWESOME Discounts on Personalized Fitness Classes!!!

who's talking here?

FitnessTraining4u-Rich 5
ALS MommaKitty 1
hailstorm 1
Blondie1985 3
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FitnessTraining4u-Rich --- 7 years ago -

Currently I am running 3-5 workout classes a week at a park just a few minutes out the back gate. I had 1 person drop out and 2 people take a break for the birth of their baby. So now I have a few openings and I'm offering some amazing deals for military.

Each class has 3-6 people and I don't let it get much bigger. These classes are personalized so that all ages and fitness levels can get a great workout and reach their desired goals. If you want more info or looking to get started, message me back here, email me or call me.

I also do 1-on-1's but I am limited when it comes to the. But i am always open for 1 time consults to set up a workout routine and assess your current fitness levels


FitnessTraining4u-Rich --- 7 years ago -

Come try a FREE workout. I'm sure you will love it. Or your money back. :) 

ALS MommaKitty --- 7 years ago -

if its free how do you give me money back??

or i can just go to the free classes on base. 

FitnessTraining4u-Rich --- 7 years ago -

I was just joking around about the money back.

The difference between my classes and the classes on base. Is that I try to make it as personalized as possible. 

Blondie1985 --- 7 years ago -

I actually trained with Rich years ago. Two thumbs up. 

hailstorm --- 7 years ago -

Well, how much do they cost? 

Blondie1985 --- 7 years ago -

I didn't take his classes, I trained with him 1-on-1. 

FitnessTraining4u-Rich --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Amanda I appreciate that. You were a pleasure to train, hard worker and very dedicated. By the way, i sent you a reply.

Hailstorm, the price depends on what kind of package you purchase. The more sessions you purchase the lower the session price, they range from $20 to as low as $8 per session. 

Blondie1985 --- 7 years ago -

y/w Rich. 

FitnessTraining4u-Rich --- 7 years ago -

Anyone like or want to learn Kickboxing. I add it into my classes as well as do privates. 

jlgg --- 2 years ago -

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werwer --- 2 years ago -

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chenyan --- 2 years ago -

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