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JM Decor and More...anyone ever shop there?

who's talking here?

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Monique --- 8 years ago -

I was just wondering what their quality in furniture is? I think their prices are amazing and they are always advertising on PYS. Any one ever buy from there? Any complaints I should know about? 

Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 8 years ago -

I bought a couch from them. I like it. The only downside is that you have to build everything yourself. ...But the quality is good and the prices are awesome. 

jujubeanies --- 8 years ago -

I did and i regret it..(1) they drop the sectional off in boxes and you have to put it together, wouldnt have been a problem if i wasnt alone and 9 months pregnant..hubby was deployed (2) i took the seat cushions off to wash them, and damn near all of the zippers are broken.. (3) i have a nail sticking out (4) the wood is broken under the longer lounge piece..(5) the cushions loose their shape after awhile and you can literally feel the springs your sitting on..I am so mad that i wasted the money but at the time i needed to get something..I will be going to Jeromes this tax season. 

Monique --- 8 years ago -

wow, good to know that! My hubby and all his friends are deployed so there goes anyone to help me. What deal does Jeromes have?? does Jeromes have quality furniture? 

jujubeanies --- 8 years ago -

I have only purchased a bed and a kitch table from them, both are still in great shape. Were looking for a leather sectional this time, im going to start there and i will also be checking out ashley furniture. 

Sarah S --- 8 years ago -

My husband and I got our couch and loveseat from Mor Furniture, we really like it and haven't had any problems with it! 

Monique --- 8 years ago -

so what store offers good deals with military? What kills me really is the sales tax!! GEEZ!!! lol 

mmjiajia33gmailcom --- 2 years ago -

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