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HELP- Apartment recommendations?

who's talking here?

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momof2lilboys --- 8 years ago -

I am looking for an apartment in oceanside because we need to move off base. I am trying to find something that is really close to the back gate (mainside) because my son goes to school at Mary Faye Pendleton and we want him to stay there. Any recommendations? We dont have a lot of money to spend but I think we can afford a decent place. Any info on apartments in oceanside would help- we dont want to go to fallbrook 

murrryb --- 8 years ago -

my husband and i lived in Bella Terra apartments in Vista. its off the 78. i really liked them. they're renovated and everything. when we moved in there was a "special" for $999/month for 1bd 1ba. and as far as being close to mainside, its like 15 minutes if that to the back gate. good luck! 

Jack Hass --- 8 years ago -

CedarWoods If you are looking for a 2 bedroom/2 bath, these are nice. Somewhat of close to the back gate, right next to an elementary school. Very quiet complex. Oh and it's $1075 for the 2/2. Management and maintenance live on site. 

MarriedMyHero --- 8 years ago -

Camino Coloney i love it here we are about 10 mins from the back gate... 1 bed 1 bath is 965... 2 bed is 1185! there is no lease so you can choose when u move.. just have to give 30 days notice! 

tmm89 --- 8 years ago -

how much are you willing to pay? there are really nice new town homes off the 78. they have 2 bedrooms and an extra room. they have a great deal going on where you pay $2099 for rent and 1 month free for the 2 bedroom. we went to just take a look and i fell in love. too bad we couldn't commit to the 12 month lease. here is the link 

Mrs. Maldonado --- 8 years ago -

We live in the SunTerra Apts. Its a few minutes from the main gate and back gate. They're really clean, have 4 laundry rooms, 2 playgrounds, a volleyball court, gym and pool. And some utilities included. 

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