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Warning to parents of small children

who's talking here?

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Steph --- 10 years ago -

There has been a string of coyote attacks on toddlers in southern California. Due to the high population of coyotes on Camp Pendleton, I just wanted to warn parents to keep a close eye on small children when outside. Check out the sites for more info:,2933,354505,00.html,2933,354054,00.html 

Monster* Mouse --- 10 years ago -

thanks but there are still parents that dont care about letting there little ones be unattended outside sad but true. thanks for the post 

Steph --- 10 years ago -

Very scary, I never thought a coyote would attack a toddler 

yvette --- 10 years ago -

probably lack of food and i dont mean that to be funny, because usually dont they not attack humans? 

ARAGON1 --- 10 years ago -

we normally have a pack of them on our street at kids aren't going out ...scary 

Drama Llama --- 10 years ago -

A dog was killed 4 houses down about a month ago, the owner let it out to pee in the morning and heard it screaming. It was ripped into pieces... I also got a notice about rattle snakes in san onofre 2 

Steph --- 10 years ago -


Monster* Mouse --- 10 years ago -

yeah i heard about the snakes not only in SO also in Stuart Mesa 

yvette --- 10 years ago -

we have it all in deluz, coyotes, snakes, deer... 

Monster* Mouse --- 10 years ago -

i saw turkeys by the hospital which i thought was weird. 

☠ PP-Cult Leader/Mind Co --- 10 years ago -

My son told me he saw a coyote in the field behind our house the other day. He said "I saw it mom and I had to play like I was dead so it would go away!" OOOOOOH Sh*ts! This is the WORST thing you could do, son! He is almost 9. Apparently we need to get the boy in Cub Scouts STAT! I told him no more going in the field at all. 

Rachel --- 10 years ago -

wow that scares me to death. i would probably kill the thing if i saw it LOL 

☠ PP-Cult Leader/Mind Co --- 10 years ago -

My husband killed a snake on our patio when we first moved in here..a year ago and my three year old still tells everyone about it. Suuuppperrr! 

Johns --- 10 years ago -

there are also buffalo on CP...Iam so not joking...Hubby had seen a few while driving out to Polgus(SP?!?) 

Rachel --- 10 years ago -

LOL my daughter would be sure to tell everyone that too if it happened 

KRISTIN --- 10 years ago -

id like to see a oyote try to attack my kid i would karate kick the bith 

Inspired --- 10 years ago -

I know this is a little off the subject but where my parents live (in AZ) the coyotes will jump over 5 ft. stucco walls just to eat other dog. My paretns had friends that were outside with two Gold Retriever (sp.?)pups and 3 coyotes jumped over and grabbed them and took off with them! They will do ANYTHING for food! 

☠ PP-Cult Leader/Mind Co --- 10 years ago -

A dingo ate my baby! 

Tara --- 10 years ago -

I swear PP I sometimes come just to see what funny shiy you say. Not really I'm just a stalker lol j/k 

Mrs. abc --- 10 years ago -

there are also buffalo on CP...Iam so not joking...Hubby had seen a few while driving out to Polgus(SP?!?) omg my hubby told me there was buffalo too over there near polgus and I never believed him I thought he was just pulling my 

Mrs. abc --- 10 years ago -


retta --- 10 years ago -

dude that is scarey. in florida we had tons of cayotes, but i never imagined them trying to eat my kid. they always seemed scared to me. i guess they are running out of food. ugh 

NOT THAT Tanya --- 10 years ago -

guys Camp Pendleton is a wild life reserve..... Crazy huh? But did you know you arent suppose to KILL the rattle snack, because they are protected by law on a wild life reserve!! Thats what they told us... yeah right.. Im killing that thing.. 

Michelle R --- 10 years ago - scarey..Wow..this move will be a major culture shock to me..first that guy gets his leg bitten off by that shark, now coyotes are attacking kids...great. I can't wait to move to Cali. 

☠ PP-Cult Leader/Mind Co --- 10 years ago -

The coyotes have been bad over here since the fires pushed them up closer. This is not anything new. Not at all. During the fires all the wildlife came closer because they had nowhere to go. Don't let the article freak you out. They are ALWAYS here. This used to be a ranch. A huge flipping ranch. Lions and tigers and bears OH MY! 

Kristin --- 10 years ago -

We had all of that growing up, but we were also in the Irvine Ranch. We actually played in fields and the hills of South OC so we had wildlife everywhere! Just be smart and use your head. 

gidget --- 10 years ago -

i'm in wm2 and i have seen them on our street. when they are close to us my dogs freak out. they only bark in the house if there is a coyote near by. a few weeks ago my friend was over and it was like 1am and we went outside....right across the street right next to the houses. at least it was only one. you really have to beware when they are in packs. they are more aggressive when in packs. i'm not saying that you shouldn't be careful of just one....that would be dumb! 

☠ PP-Cult Leader/Mind Co --- 10 years ago -

The morning of the wildfires at about 4am there was a coyote right behind my house (our house backs to a field) it was howling and whining so bad it woke me up. I thought someone was in my back yard screwing with me. I think it was trying to warn us (as ridiculous as it sounds) we didn't even know about the fire til later that morning. It kept coming back too. 

gidget --- 10 years ago -

I think it was trying to warn us (as ridiculous as it sounds) we didn't even know about the fire til later that morning. It kept coming back too. i wouldn't doubt it. i would be like...thanx for the warning, now get away from my house! lol 

Hawaiianmommyof5 --- 10 years ago -

A dingo ate my baby! lmao! 

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