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Kaneohe Bay pcsing

who's talking here?

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Stage 7 --- 6 years ago -

KP, my husband is going out with the flightline. Its 369 that's being relocated out there. We are leaving in August. 

KansasPrincess --- 6 years ago -

We are leaving in August as well:) and yes 369 that's it! 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

What is TLF? We are PCSing to VA and base housing full so we are gonna buy, but will be staying in a hotel till a house opens up and it's gonna get expensive. 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 6 years ago -

TLF = Temporary Lodging Facility

PCS'ing to Hawaii, we are authorized up to 60 days of TLA to stay in a hotel while we wait for base housing/look for a house. :) 

mandy5 --- 6 years ago -

We have a good chance of being sent here as well. I am so nervous! Any other info would be helpful! ;) 

GunzWife --- 5 years ago -

Oh my, it looks like we're going back to Hawaii! We moved from there in '09 and I'm over the moon excited to go back! Just to answer a few questions...reserve your TLF at the lodge now, this is a rimpac year and it will fill incredibly fast. There is still the quarantine law for pets, but you can do a 5-day or less import. 802 is all 2 bedroom, some are town houses other are upstairs apartments. 802 has a priority of e-5 and e-6, yes you do get to keep a portion of the BAH . The elementary schools aren't bad, Mokapu is on base, Aikahi and Kainalu are off base but both have approximately 30% military. Our daughter will return to Kainalu, we love, love, love it there. Keep in mind homes in Hawaii are smaller than those on the mainland. You won't be finding much of the Southern California mini mansions of 2500+ square feet. You will find modest island style single wall construction homes out in town that are typically 800-1200 ft for a 3 bedroom and most of the time in the 2500-3500 range. Your better bet for the money is base housing. E-8 and above will most likely have some yard space all others will have a lanai, newer housing has a very small gated front yard. Be prepared for bugs! Flying cockroaches are every where, as are non flying cockroaches, everyone has them the island is infested with them. There are also centipedes, be very careful with leaving pets outside. If you have allergies, head straight to the commissary and stock up on Allegra, Clairatin, etc...there is always something blooming, you'll get used to it. Housing pics can be found at moving house for the military spouse on Facebook. Have an amazing time and take advantage of all that the islands have to offer. Aloha! 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 5 years ago -

Omigosh! When will you be arriving?

I've got everything scheduled, the two sets of movers, our plane tickets, housing application, school/immunization stuff, our TLF, requested the DLA/Travel Pay, the dog starts her stuff on Wednesday, but she's staying with my parents until we get base housing, so we have lots of time for the quarantine process. I have to arrange for our vehicles, but was hoping that was something my husband could handle when he got home. It's almost been TOO easy, so that makes me worry. LOL 

GunzWife --- 5 years ago -

It looks like January. My husband may end up being your husband's battery Gunny! How funny is that. I know everything looks like it's too easy, but it really is. I have to get my dogs started, but other than that I'm pretty confident I'll have everything scheduled by the end of summer. I'm really looking forward to getting back on island. 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 5 years ago -

Ha! Small world! My husband just has been in contact with his sponsor - it's the battery's 1st Sgt that he's replacing - your friend's significant other? LOL :) 

Vivacious St0rm --- 5 years ago -

Just curious as to how you all have adjusted out there, what the housing is like, how the move went etc.

Hubby is looking to re-enlist and Kaneohe Bay looks to be in our future, should he choose to stay in. Any information would be amazing! Thank you! 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 5 years ago -

Just curious as to how you all have adjusted out there, what the housing is like, how the move went etc.

Hubby is looking to re-enlist and Kaneohe Bay looks to be in our future, should he choose to stay in. Any information would be amazing! Thank you! 

We leave Camp Pendleton for Hawaii in about 3 weeks. Our express movers have come and we just dropped off our primary vehicle for shipping. I've heard the housing wait list is long, especially depending on bedroom requirements and rank. You get 60 days of TLA and you can book the TLF on MCBH up to a year in advance, so I'd recommend making reservations when first get orders if that's where you might want to stay. It's been a relatively easy process, so far (knock on wood lol). 

Vivacious St0rm --- 5 years ago -

Oh wow! That seems to be a long time to go without your belongings or your car! What are you guys going to do until then?!
Luckily we are still pretty Low on the totem pole, and I have read that E-5 and below get priority on the housing wait list. We have two children, and I hear that the wait list is about 6 months out right now! eeek!
I am still waiting to hear from my husband (deployed) as to what is going on with his re-enlistment package. But if he does re-enlist and they cut him these orders I should put us on the wait list?
I know I should be taking one thing at a time, but I definitely want to be prepared and get our ducks in a row. lol

Thanks for all of your help :-) 

Stage 7 --- 5 years ago -

You can't get on the wait list until your husband has physically checked into his new command. We leave August 1 st and are looking at a 6 to 8 month wait for housing. So we are going to start looking for a place out in town as soon as we get there. 

Maleficent --- 5 years ago -

Kailua is a great place to live. I miss Hawaii so much. 

a3678210uu --- 5 years ago -

We live in Hawaii right now. Came from Pendleton a couple years ago. The move can be stressful if you dont know where you are going and where you will be staying till housing opens up.
After staying in a hotel for a little over 30 days, we had to take a house that was offered to us in Manana housing. It is military housing, still a gated community. Once you are offered a house, if you do not accept it, then your temp lodging will be taken away.
We were on a waitlist for 5 bedrooms, and about 1 month ago we were told one finally opened up for us. We only have a year left, so we wont be taking it.
Wait list for 5 bedroom is ridiculous! There are only a handful of those homes and they are designated for junior enlisted. We had to get a waiver to be put on the list.
Manana housing is very nice. It is about a 30 minute drive to KBAY but my husband enjoys it. It is a beautiful drive. The housing for for bedrooms are single homes and they are beautiful. The neighborhood is very quiet. There is a mini px, a pool, and a gym
As for schooling, we decided to homeschool our kids. It is pretty common here in Hawaii for military. We have a senior, a freshman, a second grade, kindergarten, preschool, and a 7 month old. If you have any other questions please let me know.
I remember when I moved here we didnt get any help. I will definitely help with what I do know. 

USMCLife --- 5 years ago -

Check out for some additional information and links that may help you. I was in Hawaii this spring and took pics of all the neighborhood (I think!) and will try to get those posted by Monday. ;) Good luck in your move! 

AquariumBubble --- 5 years ago -

We lived in Hawaii before coming before coming to CP and lived for most of the time in Manana. I liked it a lot, but we didn't have the $ for private school, so our daughter started at Pearl City Elem. which is literally like 2 blocks away. I hated that school. We had my daughter going to the after school care there and one day she somehow made it onto a bus with her friend and came home (no one was home). I got a call from the after school care asking if she had been in school that day, when I said yes they told me they didn't know where she was because she hadn't shown up! I raced home, luckily my neighbor saw her crying outside our house and took her inside. They had LOST MY KID! When I went to the school to talk to the principle about it and to see what they planned to do to prevent this from happening to someone else, they spoke for about 5 min. and then tried to divert the convo. to how well the school was doing academically! Really? I also had some issues with a one of her teachers and how she would treat the military children, but I was able to get her transfered to another teacher. Be warned though that if you don't know where you are going (driving) it could be a long time before you could turn around. I had an appt. at Tripler Army Hospital and missed my exit, I had to drive nearly to K-Bay before I could turn around. 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 5 years ago -

Wait list for 5 bedroom is ridiculous! There are only a handful of those homes and they are designated for junior enlisted. We had to get a waiver to be put on the list.

This I have never heard. We have called multiple times and spoken with FC and Island Palm and each time, they assure us that, while there are limited amount of 5-bedrooms available, we qualify to be on the list for them.

Does anyone live in AMR housing? We are HOPING to get into one of the brand-new houses opening in October for E-8/E-9, it's supposed to be a 'reverse commute' to Kaneohe and the weather is supposed to be, uh, sunnier? lol

Our movers arrive in less than 10 days!!! It's getting SO real now. :) 

KansasPrincess --- 5 years ago -

Our movers will be here in 3 weeks! IM starting to freak out a little! I SO hope that we are offered a house. We only need 2 bedrooms so im hoping it isnt too bad. Ive looked online and out in town with utilities would just be too much for us to afford with me being a stay at home mother. I hear the waiting list is crazy though. But hopefully two months will be long enough and we can get a house. Has anyone recently moved out there? Any info on the waiting period? 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 5 years ago -

Our movers will be here in 3 weeks! IM starting to freak out a little!

Our HHG was packed and picked up yesterday. We clear base housing on Tuesday and land on Oahu next weekend. It's really happening!! :)

A friend arrived in May and got a 2-bedroom house on base right before TLA was up. It seems no rhyme or reason, though. Two people I know, with NO kids, were given 4-bedrooms this summer. 

KansasPrincess --- 5 years ago -

4 bedrooms?! Are you kidding me? Uhg. I personally think people with children should take priority for anything over a 2 bedroom. We will be in Hawaii a month from today. I'm so nervous a out it but I just Really want to get there so I can stop stressing. I'm not even sure why I'm stressing I think when I actually get there it will calm me down lol. I hope everybody that is going enjoys it! 

HereAgain --- 5 years ago -

369 is not going to Hawaii. 

Vivacious St0rm --- 5 years ago -

^^It's 367 :-)

KP, who's your husband with? 

KansasPrincess --- 5 years ago -

Hes with 369 right now 

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