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POLL; Do u own a pair of Uggs?

who's talking here?

*All Smiles* 1
sweetcheeks 4
shesfromthevalley 1
Calimommy 1
Trace 1
Wisconsin Sarah 1
AmyLostInNC 1
puppylove 1
BadMomma2 2
LLLong12 1
shellibeth 5
MaliceInWonderland 1
Kara 1
AussieGirl 3
Jayne Wayne 1
kristin40 1
Amurikan Lunatic 6
QueenoftheDancehall 3
CharlieWhiskey2 3
DocWagsWife 2
3rdxsacharm 1
HereAgain 3

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POLL; Do u own a pair of Uggs?

To each their own....but I think that Uggs looks like martian boots. I mean...they look ok..I tried on a pair and can't help but to think of slave boots lol. So, who does or does not own a pair of Uggs...or similar Ugg boots? BTW; the look HORRIBLE with sweats ...sloppy lol. They look ok with jeans. Jmo so don't get all defensive!

Yes I own a pair Vote
 47.4% (36)
I own a pair and I wear em with sweats Vote
 1.3% (1)
No I don't own a pair but they are cute Vote
 17.1% (13)
Don't own a pair and I think they are ugly too. Vote
 34.2% (26)
shellibeth --- 7 years ago -

I'm just of the mindset of, why on earth would you want to wear the same shite as everyone else?

Unless you make your own clothes, you are probably wearing the same thing as everyone else. Not many people buy 'one of a kinds.' Clothing is mass produced, purchased, and worn by MANY. Even if what you're wearing isn't exactly trendy, it's not like it's 'all yours' if purchased retail.   

AussieGirl --- 7 years ago -

I am Australian and we created Uggs to be worn at home as slippers, not as a fashion statement :)
And yes I live in mine through the winter. 

Kara --- 7 years ago -

Actually, they were created for competitive surfers not slippers.

"In the 1960s, Ugg boots became a popular option for competitive surfers,[9] who used the boots to keep their feet warm after exiting from the surf."

I live in Chicagoland where it gets as low as -20 and I have never bought a pair of Uggs and never will.

Aren't they like 5+ years ago anyway? 

Calimommy --- 7 years ago -

I got my first pair from my mother-in law a couple years ago. I felt bad because I wore them like twice. Now that we live in a colder area, I will wear them to drop off the kids. My sister in law says I don't wear them right, I look like a nerd, lol 

kristin40 --- 7 years ago -

Been wearing them for over 20 years now and now my daughter wears them too. 

3rdxsacharm --- 7 years ago -

I wear them almost everyday. They are so comfortable especially while pregnant. 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 7 years ago -

Apparently I've hit a nerve here. All I'm saying is that uggs are ugly, and way, way, way, over worn. Try not get so upset so easily, makes you seem catty.

You called us mindless sheep and defending ourselves is catty? I think we have two very different definitions. 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 7 years ago -

I absolutely despise when people say it doesn't get cold here.
Yes, it certainly does. Does it snow in San Clemente? No. It does in a lot of other places in California for example Auburn where my husband is from.
The fact that we are near the bay actually makes it colder so my FEET GET COLD! I like when they are warm so to rectify this problem, I wear Uggs. 

*All Smiles* --- 7 years ago -

I got my first pair this year. My daughters got theirs last year as a Christmas gift from their aunt. I'll admit I used to HATE the way they look. I'm not fond of them with sweats. I do think they're kind of cute with leggings/skinny jeans now, but it might just be me being jaded because I ADORE my bailey buttons. They are so super comfy, and keep my toes nice and toasty. I have found plenty of occasions to wear them in Cali, and I'm definitely a flip flop type of girl. 

Amurikan Lunatic --- 7 years ago -

You called us mindless sheep and defending ourselves is catty? I think we have two very different definitions.

I don't remember singling anyone out. But, if the shoe fits, whatever.. 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

They are ugly!! End Of discussion!!!!! Maybe these Ugg lovers have Ugg feet lol!! 

Trace --- 7 years ago -

I am personally not a fan. I don't own a pair because I don't own pants that would look right with them....

I do think they are so like 3 years ago but I really don't have an opinion of others wearing them.

My daughter owns a pair of FUGGS (Fake UGGS, lol). She loves them. 

AussieGirl --- 7 years ago -

Lesigh - HAHAHAHA :) You just made my night! 

AussieGirl --- 7 years ago -

Haha FUGGS, Love this! 

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