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Name 3 things odd about this picture.

who's talking here?

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Rachel 9
Sarah Sparkles 5
Turkeys Mama 1
Going - Going - GONE! 2
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Rachels_Mommy 2
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Rachels_Mommy --- 11 years ago -

Well said Rachel.... love you girl i know you are a good mommy 

Sarah Sparkles --- 11 years ago -

Take another!!! Jesus Rachel! 

Mrs Patch --- 11 years ago -

It was an odd choice of picture. What would you expect people to think?

The dog is really cute, so long as it has both eyes. 

LakerGirl --- 11 years ago -

Take another!!!


I don't post pictures of my child publicly, no matter what.

You can't get mad at people for misinterpreting what they saw. Try to look at it objectively. You would also question it. It's a very strange picture, for many reasons.

Good luck selling your dog & its accessories. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

Okay fine you want another picture. The mature thing to have done would have been to send me an e-mail and say " hey, I don't want to sound rude but I think maybe you should take down the picture on your ad. It's an odd picture and people will think your daughter is neglected " instead of talking sh!t on same lame damn thread Lacy, the fist pumper! 

Michaelsmummy2010 --- 11 years ago -

Dont worry Rachel. Some people have nothing else better to do. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

thanks Rebecca.. I'm not worried I just had a HUGE amount of motherly RAGE when i seen them talking about my daughter. And thanks to you Sumer. Love you too girl. I'm not a perfect mommy but I'm a good one and I'd do anything for my daughter. In my eyes she's always beautiful torn and homemade. lol.

Love this quote

"I'm going home to my mother She loves me even if my clothes are old and ugly"- Shirley Temple 

Michaelsmummy2010 --- 11 years ago -

You're better than me b/c I would have probably cussed all of them out for talking sh!t about my kid. 

whatevergirlツ --- 11 years ago -

I honestly cannot believe OP thought this was an ok thing to post about. I dont know anyone who thinks it is ok to trash a child. Really? Shameful behavior really. 

LakerGirl --- 11 years ago -

I don't see how anyone was trashing the child. She's a beautiful little girl. People were questioning the picture. It's an inappropriate picture to post on a "dog for sale" ad, imo. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

Yeah I tried that but it told me to clean up my language buddy... Yeah whatevergirl I thought it was pretty awful of them too. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

Yeah I tried that but it told me to clean up my language buddy... Yeah whatevergirl I thought it was pretty awful of them too. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

frack before ya'll start jumping me for posting twice my internet messed up 

Sarah Sparkles --- 11 years ago -

Wah wah wah. Keep complaining that your daughter was being bashed, even though that didn't happen at all instead of taking a second to consider that maybe you posted a bad picture. 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

No I realize I was blinded by how adorable I think my daughter is and yes maybe it was a poor picture. I could have done better but to be so immature to give people the chance to bash complete strangers. The proper thing would have been to email me and suggest I post a new pic instead of starting a thread to make fun of the picture or the little girl in the picture. You dont think you would be upset if you made the same mistake i did and you get an email about them talking about you and then realize they are taking about your kid. i had a case of mommy rage and now that im calmed down i realized it wasn't the best picture to post. Again I apologize for the picture that ya'll dislike. I'll be taking it down as soon as i get a better picture of the dog. I put the pic up because I was getting a ton of emails asking for a pic i thought that would help people decide if they were interested or not. Again I apologize for my poor judgement but I still think it was wrong of Lacy to do. But I seen another of hers post and I can see shes just an immature adult looking to create drama. Grats lacy we are all so proud of you. 

oakleysunglasses --- 5 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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