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Hawaiianmommyof5 --- 10 years ago -

weve been here for almost 3 years and yes in wire mt 2 have seen lots of coyotes never really in packs tho,rattlesnakes and lots of mice 

TruthBeKnown --- 10 years ago -

I'm in WMI and on some nights I can hear a dog getting attacked if I leave my window open. It's so sad! And there my husband is, "Well, I guess somebody left there dog out again." Full of sympathy! *sigh* Plus, my neighbor had a gardener snake in her flowerbed last weekend! Scared the shit out of us because it will rattle and act like it's a rattle snake. It wasn't some little snake either, but huge! We live close to the community center and I always worry about when people let there dogs or kids run through that field back there. 

oakleysunglasses --- 3 years ago -

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kiyoumins --- 3 years ago -

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