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I Keep Reading It... - 2 hours ago by shizzlemydizzle - Reply

Don't forget about the GI Bill and MyCAA.

I Keep Reading It... - 23 hours ago by Clinical Depression - Reply

..but maybe my "uneducated" mind can't comprehend what they are talking about.

Someone clue me in.

"So lucky to be surrounded by such amazing men that sacrifice so much for what sometimes seems so little".

It's apparent her focus in on the amount of material things in exchange for serving in the military.

Last I checked the troops:
-Receive gratitude every single holiday not even related to the military.
-Military discounts DO exist, not everywhere, but they're not exactly scare around Camp P.
-Free base healthcare; ever had medical bills in the "real world" for some of the injuries you've sustained? Oh no you have a $1,000 deductible on Standard? Get a taste of the real world where deductibles are $12,500/yr where co-pays do not count towards that amount.
-Free room & board: barracks/chow hall and BAH & BAS if you're married. This means you don't have to "pay" for housing in the traditional sense that civilians who have to live out of their paychecks.
-Pay does start out crappy, but the military doesn't expect people to have 2/3 dependents as a Lance. As you move up in rank like civilians move up in the work force, you get more. I think it's a humbling system--the harder you work the more you get rewarded. If the military was paid like CEOS, they would be less willing to work as hard.

To the service member: if the reward of joining the military is not "good enough" in exchange for your life, THEN DON'T JOIN. It must not be THAT bad if our friends who've gotten out have gone right back IN the service.

A lot of people are impoverished by their lifestyle choices. I also see that the more kids a person has the exponentially they complain about the military not getting paid "enough". Every page I seem to turn to "my husband doesn't get paid enough" "the military should be on food stamps", yet these people have 3+ kids, and choose to live the life of relying on food giveaways instead of cutting the cable, and starting themselves at the bare minimum to improve their circumstances.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 1 days ago by shizzlemydizzle - Reply

No, not disrespectful.

Was she upset for the upper E's when her husband was on the lower end of the spectrum and getting the same housing?

I think not.

wedding/wedding reception locations?? - 1 days ago by DoUntoOthers - Reply

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Ummm OK, I guess in some warped way this helps her with the location question she had lol.

Crossfit - 2 days ago by Cbear - Reply

Hey everyone! I haven't been on here in over a year but I wanted to share my experience with anyone who is looking to get in shape. I came to CP and like most my husband deployed 4 months later. I started crossfitting before he left as something we could do together. I continued to do it while he was gone and I'll admit I looked hot when came home. After he came home I kept it up and we still do it together and I think it was our saving grace because we didn't have a happy return. We seriously fought about everything but we still worked out together. It forced us to still do stuff together and get over our issues. Here we are 3 years later and going strong. Anyway, I just wanted to share and if you are interested in trying out my crossfit gym message me.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 2 days ago by a2823675uu - Reply

^ shizz- How disrespectful! She wasn't referring to his rank, more so the thaught of money they would be paying to live in the area.

work from home - 2 days ago by susimaru - Reply

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question... - 3 days ago by shizzlemydizzle - Reply

Depends on how old the carpet is. You'll find out tomorrow when the inspection is done.

question... - 3 days ago by ALways - Reply

Hi my dog got suck in one of the bedrooms while I was gone today and ripped out some of the carpet, I don't mind getting it repaired, but tomorrow we have a house inspection. my question is are they going to charge use to get new carpet when we move out or can I just get it repair? anyone know?

Easter Sunday Event - 4 days ago by Mom of thr33 - Reply

Good evening,
I just wanted to share that our church is hosting a dinner and Easter play this Sunday, Easter at 5pm. Free dinner, childcare, and if you need help with transportation to the event we can probably help there :)
I have a flyer if you are interested, and have listed the details below:
Calvary Baptist Church
3320 Mission Road
Suite H
Oceanside CA

The play is not your normal Easter play, but takes Easter as the inspiration, and was written by one of our church members.

If you would like to come or want more info, please message here, or call 760-645-0327, or email

NAME CHANGE: *Not now* is now *Mom of thr33* - 4 days ago by Not now - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Free video contest celebrates Oceanside image - until May 12 - 4 days ago by SunshineB - Reply

For a second year in a row, Oceanside International Film Festival has announced a new category free of submission fees to celebrate Oceanside's image - accepting until May 12, 2014, short films (up to 5 min) that have something directly to do with Oceanside, either documentary, music video, narrative fictional story, historic account, etc. Participants of Oceanside Spotlight contest can simply go to (copy & paste) and message their YouTube or Vimeo link to the organizers. Candidates may choose to mail their DVD too, but they must be aware time is running out! Soon after they submit their video to (copy & paste) and only after Oceanside Intl Film Festival decides to post it on its Facebook page and announces "voting starts now!" (filmmakers will be notified), anybody could "like" their work. The film with most "likes" on OIFF?s Facebook page by 6/16/2014 will be announced the winner, will be publicly shown on big screen during 4th annual Oceanside International Film Festival, and will be given a special Oceanside Spotlight Award during the awards ceremony on Aug 10 (see website for schedule). The runner ups of this Oceanside Facebook contest also have a shot at becoming Official Selections of OIFF-2014 and be shown on big screen between films of other genre as part of "Oceanside Spotlight" screening spots. Oceanside Spotlight Facebook-based contest is not limited only to Oceanside residents. Anyone can participate. There was no charge to participate in the contest. (Got a film longer than 5 min or not about Oceanside? ? Filmmakers can still participate at OIFF under regular submission process, deadline June 16, 2014, as detailed here - copy & paste - )


The audience might remember the many Oceanside-themed films from last year's OIFF, all scheduled between regular screening blocks, that showcased the Northernmost city of San Diego County in front of many local, out-of-state, and international guests from the film industry. The winner of OIFF-2013?s Oceanside-themed Contest was "KMR Video Services Oceanside CA Promo" by a Temecula filmmaker Wyatt Roose. Only this year the festival is two times as big, and compared to the previous year, it is going to show many more films on the big screen at Star Theatre and Sunshine Brooks Theatre in Oceanside.

Held August 3 to 10, 2014, Oceanside International Film Festival is an annual event conceived and once again underwritten by Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, which is OIFF?s parent entity and 501c3 non-profit organization ( This year will be the 25th year OCAF has brought quality artistic, visual, performance, and musical arts to Oceanside and the surrounding communities. Its film festival, put out since 2009, showcases narrative features, documentaries, shorts, animation, and student works from filmmakers who have not yet signed distribution agreements and look for recognition among wider audiences.

*WANTED* Divorce Lawyer - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply


Partner in crime!! - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply

Email me the answer here

*WANTED* Divorce Lawyer - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply

Hello, anything i can help with? We can talk about it having a cup of coffee if you like...

Partner in crime!! - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply

I know sounds crazy ,but i am just looking for a partner in crime, someone whose down to have a mature conversation, go out for some coffee and have a good time...any home alone wife available?

anyone on stuart mesa? - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply

Hey, are u still looking for a friend??

Wire mountain 3 - 4 days ago by a4439067uu - Reply

Wire mountain is a great place to love...the nearest school is right in the are call TIERRA SANTA school. They do events often, and celebrations for holidays. The community is great and the neighborhood is very clean and quiet ;)

Civilian OB/GYN & Hospital Recommendations? - 5 days ago by panda soup - Reply

I have to second Sally Lang. She's awesome! She is at the clinic in Encinitas but the drive is worth it.
I also delivered at Scripps Encinitas and it was great. I had an induction and the nurses worked with me to lower the pitocin as my labor progressed so that I was able to go without an epidural. The only thing I didn't like about the hospital is that the recovery room is not the same as the labor and delivery room. The recovery rooms have two beds so if it is really busy you might get a roommate.

*WANTED* Divorce Lawyer - 5 days ago by a3150051uu - Reply

Anyone know a good divorce lawyer? Someone who can answer questions and help me through the paperwork. My husband and me are divorcing and so far it's been a headache.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 5 days ago by shizzlemydizzle - Reply

So, now that your husband is at the upper end of the E class, you now have a problem with the housing arrangement?

Wasn't so bad when he was at the bottom of the pile though, eh?

NAME CHANGE: *a3552322uu* is now *littlelotus* - 5 days ago by a3552322uu - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Base Housing & Rank??? - 7 days ago by Dirty Sanchez - Reply

Might want to look up the instruction, but last i heard each rank is entitled to a certain amount of square footage.

I've seen a married E-8 with no children in a 4 bedroom house, the same size as say a married E-5 with 4 dependents rates due to the pay-grade determining the size of the base house, not the number of dependents.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it is what it is. Can always move out in town if you don't find base housing adequate.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 days ago by Monkey Manners - Reply

It totally sucks that we pay so much in BAH and get this hole in the wall of a 1400 SqFt home and the E-1to E-5 housing down the road is 2400 sq ft and they pay much less!
I don't get it either! Totally sucks but from what I've read it's the MC that picks the rank structure in housing and not the housing office.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 days ago by laneys mommy - Reply

In south Mesa they are the same exact homes. NCO and SNCO are divided by a main road. There is also an E8/E9 cul-de-sac with ocean and moutian views, but again the actually homes are the same. Wire Mountian has a few stand alone homes, five or so for E8/E/9. But there is a couple year wait. This is pretty standard at all bases. Our last base we lived in an E-1 thru O-3 area. All the homes were exactly the same and they did not separate ranks. O-3 would be living right next to E-1.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 days ago by IrishTwinsx2plus1 - Reply

An E-8 BAH is 2598 and an E-5 BAH is 1908. So does the E-8 family pay 8,280 more a year to live in the same house up the road from the E-5 family?


If you are specifically looking for E8/E9 housing, there are two streets in San Onofre 1 that are set aside for this rank. It's in two cul-de-sacs across from the school. They are stand-alone houses with fantastic ocean views. Plus, the school goes from K-8, then feeds into San Clemente High, which is a much better school than Oceanside, if that matters to you. :)

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 days ago by shizzlemydizzle - Reply

It's been that way for quite some time, on most, if not all, bases.

The home offered is based on rank, number of dependents, as well as availability. If a Marine rates a 3 bedroom and only 4 bedroom homes are available, it will be offered.

wedding/wedding reception locations?? - 10 days ago by gennycloughly - Reply

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wedding/wedding reception locations?? - 10 days ago by Iluvcali - Reply

We had ours at rancho guajome adope beautiful, check out san diego county parks cant get more beautiful than nature

Base Housing & Rank??? - 10 days ago by Iluvcali - Reply

Some have more rooms but that depends on dependents too. Yep kind of unfair to higher ranks but that is the way housing works. We are an e-6 and the e-8 that live here get the same house no money back. We would live off base but it was hard to find a rental with 2 digs- they got us for now :) we still really like our house

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