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work at home jobs - 1 days ago by susimaru - Reply

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staurt mesa - 4 days ago by a4634858uu - Reply

hello, we have been approved to a 2 bedroom 1 bath home at stuart mesa and i was wondering if any of you ladies live in a 2 bed 1 bath home how do you like it ? is it quiet and can i please see the pictures of how it looks thank you

Oceanside Art Walk's call for artists - 10 days ago by SunshineB - Reply

The Oceanside Art Walk committee is accepting applications from visual artists (sculpture, paintings, quilts, etc.), live performers (jugglers, theatre, pantomime, spoken word, etc.), and musicians of any genre wishing to participate in the Friday, February 6th Art Walk. Applications will be accepted from December 8, 2014, to January 19, 2015. The artistic talent will be matched with a venue for a partnership that can range from one night to an entire month-long exhibition, depending on the venue's flexibility.


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Peeping Tom??? - 12 days ago by a5185603uu - Reply

Okay, so I live in Central Deluz housing, and since Halloween of last year have been having issues with a peeping tom. Some guy keeps showing up and peeking into our bedroom windows. Our blinds keep getting messed up because of our dog. Anyway, I never saw him personally, our neighbors and my husband did, but they say that he is tall, sometimes wears camis, but doesn't look like a marine because he is overweight, and often tells my neighbors that he is a friend of ours staying over. We keep calling PMO but they are pretty much useless because all they do is alk up and down the street with flashlight and never look for him where I tell them he went, which is behind our house he always runns into the ditch back there that leads to the main road. Does anyone else have issues with a peeping tom? I'm thinking about setting up cameras.

Extra money - 16 days ago by a5113836uu - Reply

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JAMBERRY Nail Wraps are AMAZING! - 21 days ago by a5168002uu - Reply

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Stay at home jobs - 31 days ago by susimaru - Reply

Seems like their is alot on here! What kind of "work from home" jobs do you ladies have?

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- 33 days ago by Hulala - Reply

I already checked the threads but they are all old?.has anyone here been stationed at Bridgeport before? Hubby has been talking about wanting to do it next and he's coming up on orders very soon. I'd love to get some thoughts from someone who has lived there. Obviously its beautiful out there, and we are very outdoorsy people so the lifestyle would be great. I'm ok with the lack of shopping and I see they built a new commissary. My main questions are about housing and schools.


Stuart Mesa II - 36 days ago by a3089998uu - Reply

We are returning to Pendleton after a long 3 years on recruiting duty and are looking at Stuart Mesa II housing. We have 3 little ones and a dog. I have lots of questions :)
-How bad is traffic near Stuart Mesa Elementary? Are there buses?
-We are looking for a quiet neighborhood... are there any housing areas you would recommend to avoid partying?
-How big are the SMII backyards?
-We don't PCS until May so if we get on the list now & a house comes up but we aren't there yet, will we just get bumped down to get the next available??

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Pacific View North & South - 41 days ago by nowwhat - Reply

What's the difference between Pacific View North and South? TIA

Has anyone recently moved out of Stuart Mesa Housing? - 41 days ago by nowwhat - Reply

Yup. We moved out last month and were charged $200 and some change. Our dog had a few whoops moments so I totally expected it.

Mcstay family..... - 43 days ago by ooorah69P - Reply

For those still on here who might remember this...

An arrest has been made in the murder of the McStay family...

Arrest in the McStay family murders

Birthing/Expectant Parent Classes @ Naval Hospital? - 44 days ago by Kat25 - Reply

They offer a centering class. You meet up once a month and have discussions on baby, postpartum, etc. It was really fun!

Thoughts on housing - 48 days ago by carolinagirl - Reply

The last time we were stationed at Pendleton, we lived in San Onofre II. This time around we are wanting to look at different options. I would like to hear personal experiences, pros/cons. Thanks.

NAME CHANGE: *a174823uu* is now *carolinagirl* - 48 days ago by a174823uu - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Camp Lejeune? - 48 days ago by a174823uu - Reply

We have been stationed at LeJeune for a while and are about to PCS back to Pendleton. The two are very different.

Eva22, when are you moving here? Are you looking to stay on base or out in town?

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 52 days ago by Clinical Depression - Reply

You're not the "sole" provider if he's giving you $500 / month TAX FREE for CHILD SUPPORT. AND providing Tricare for your child (and you until the divorce is final). Apart from Tricare and 1/2 BAH until the divorce is finalized he doesn't owe it to you to support your grown self.

Lawd knows you'll find another service member in due time.

Best keep that divorce in limbo because it isn't likely you'll get spousal support.

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 52 days ago by Cellulite City - Reply

As his wife with your daughter living with you, he should be paying you $1200 per month of his BAH.

Has anyone recently moved out of Stuart Mesa Housing? - 53 days ago by Vickya01 - Reply

We are moving out of Stuart Mesa Housing and
I was wondering if anyone has been charged to
replace their carpets and if so what was the cost? We have a dog that had occasional accidents in the house so I know we will be charged because of the black light thing they do and I just want to be prepared for it. Thanks any info is appreciated.

Camp Lejeune? - 63 days ago by DaniP - Reply

Feel free to message me with any question. We own a house there and looking to rent too! :)

Camp Lejeune? - 64 days ago by ARHoGS11 - Reply

When are you all PCSing? I moved out here 3 years ago from Camp Pendleton and I spent 5 1/2 years there. I miss California very very much. This is a small town with TONS of military. Think Oceanside times 10. Max speed limit is 55 on the two lane hwy =) and expect tobacco fields, corn fields, and tons of Pine Trees. The beaches however, are really nice. I lived on base in CA, but when we moved out here we bought a house which I would NOT recommend. People say it's better to buy bc your mortgage will be less that your BAH, which is true. However, when it's time to move again it's so hard to sell and even rent sometimes. If you have anymore question just ask. Also, I will have my house up for rent soon. ;)

NAME CHANGE: *a4591380uu* is now *ARHoGS11* - 64 days ago by a4591380uu - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Work from home anyone? - 67 days ago by Princess - Reply

I work from home helping others maintain pretty nails. Lol...
im an Jamberry Independent Consultant! And you would love it.

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Anyone work from home? - 67 days ago by Princess - Reply

I work from home as a Jamberry Independent Consultant.

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Jamberry Nail Wraps - 67 days ago by Princess - Reply

Im in love with these. You have got to try a sample ladies.

Go to:

They are non-toxic and non-porous material that forms a tight bond to your nails. they last 2-4 weeks and are so simple to apply. No more waiting for nail polish to dry and no more chip polish. Over 300 designs your sure to find wraps you love. And they have wraps for holidays so you can find a set of wraps to match your Halloween costume or your dress for the marine corp ball coming up.

Camp Lejeune? - 68 days ago by Eva22 - Reply

My husband just got orders to move to Camp Lejeune.I know there's other threads but If anyone who has lived out there give me some info on housing and how it is over there.Been living in Camp Pendleton for 7 years and in California my whole life.Any info would be great TIA

Want to make a Healthy Lifestyle Change? - 77 days ago by a5100615uu - Reply

I am a marketing member for a healthy product line from Plexus Worldwide. My husband and I just recently PCS'd from Camp Lejeune. We absolutely love this area/base. I would just like to get this information out there for people to view and spread the message. Plexus Worldwide provides weight lose products, cleansing products, pain relief creams and even a breast health check kit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or post to this thread. I can't wait to get out and about and meet you guys!

Anyone work from home? - 80 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply

Hmm.. From their emails it says differently, and I know someone who works with them in California.

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 80 days ago by sweetcheeks - Reply

Contact a lawyer

Anyone work from home? - 80 days ago by sweetcheeks - Reply

Arise not available in Cali

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