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How much Bah am I entitled to? - 1 days ago by Clinical Depression - Reply

You're not the "sole" provider if he's giving you $500 / month TAX FREE for CHILD SUPPORT. AND providing Tricare for your child (and you until the divorce is final). Apart from Tricare and 1/2 BAH until the divorce is finalized he doesn't owe it to you to support your grown self.

Lawd knows you'll find another service member in due time.

Best keep that divorce in limbo because it isn't likely you'll get spousal support.

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 2 days ago by Cellulite City - Reply

As his wife with your daughter living with you, he should be paying you $1200 per month of his BAH.

Has anyone recently moved out of Stuart Mesa Housing? - 2 days ago by Vickya01 - Reply

We are moving out of Stuart Mesa Housing and
I was wondering if anyone has been charged to
replace their carpets and if so what was the cost? We have a dog that had occasional accidents in the house so I know we will be charged because of the black light thing they do and I just want to be prepared for it. Thanks any info is appreciated.

Camp Lejeune? - 12 days ago by DaniP - Reply

Feel free to message me with any question. We own a house there and looking to rent too! :)

Camp Lejeune? - 14 days ago by ARHoGS11 - Reply

When are you all PCSing? I moved out here 3 years ago from Camp Pendleton and I spent 5 1/2 years there. I miss California very very much. This is a small town with TONS of military. Think Oceanside times 10. Max speed limit is 55 on the two lane hwy =) and expect tobacco fields, corn fields, and tons of Pine Trees. The beaches however, are really nice. I lived on base in CA, but when we moved out here we bought a house which I would NOT recommend. People say it's better to buy bc your mortgage will be less that your BAH, which is true. However, when it's time to move again it's so hard to sell and even rent sometimes. If you have anymore question just ask. Also, I will have my house up for rent soon. ;)

NAME CHANGE: *a4591380uu* is now *ARHoGS11* - 14 days ago by a4591380uu - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Work from home anyone? - 17 days ago by Princess - Reply

I work from home helping others maintain pretty nails. Lol...
im an Jamberry Independent Consultant! And you would love it.

Check out my website and if you like what you see sign up to host a Facebook party to learn more about the product and earn free product. And if you love it you can join my team.


Anyone work from home? - 17 days ago by Princess - Reply

I work from home as a Jamberry Independent Consultant.

And im looking for new hostess that are interested in learning more about the product. And if you love the product as much as I do you can consider joining my team.

Go to my website:

Jamberry Nail Wraps - 17 days ago by Princess - Reply

Im in love with these. You have got to try a sample ladies.

Go to:

They are non-toxic and non-porous material that forms a tight bond to your nails. they last 2-4 weeks and are so simple to apply. No more waiting for nail polish to dry and no more chip polish. Over 300 designs your sure to find wraps you love. And they have wraps for holidays so you can find a set of wraps to match your Halloween costume or your dress for the marine corp ball coming up.

Camp Lejeune? - 18 days ago by Eva22 - Reply

My husband just got orders to move to Camp Lejeune.I know there's other threads but If anyone who has lived out there give me some info on housing and how it is over there.Been living in Camp Pendleton for 7 years and in California my whole life.Any info would be great TIA

Want to make a Healthy Lifestyle Change? - 27 days ago by a5100615uu - Reply

I am a marketing member for a healthy product line from Plexus Worldwide. My husband and I just recently PCS'd from Camp Lejeune. We absolutely love this area/base. I would just like to get this information out there for people to view and spread the message. Plexus Worldwide provides weight lose products, cleansing products, pain relief creams and even a breast health check kit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or post to this thread. I can't wait to get out and about and meet you guys!

Anyone work from home? - 30 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply

Hmm.. From their emails it says differently, and I know someone who works with them in California.

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 30 days ago by sweetcheeks - Reply

Contact a lawyer

Anyone work from home? - 30 days ago by sweetcheeks - Reply

Arise not available in Cali

NAME CHANGE: *8ossLady* is now *MrsCraven* - 31 days ago by 8ossLady - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Dog Problems? - 33 days ago by FitnessTraining4u-Rich - Reply

Dogs are wonderful companions and great friends, but sometimes the communication barrier between you and your dog can be very frustrating or non-existent. Let me help you understand your dog a little better and help your dog to understand you.

I have over 10 years experience training dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. And have a very unique way of training, that I feel works much better then the norm.

I have experience with:

-Basic obedience
-Eliminating unwanted behaviors
-Assisting with medical ailments

The best part, I am will not charge you ridiculous fees and I am more then willing to work within any and all budgets. If you are serious about having your dog trained, then I am serious about making it possible and affordable.

I can come to you or we can meet in any public area that allows dogs.

Contact me ASAP to schedule a consultation or to answer any and all questions. Texts or emails will receive the quickest responses, but I do accept phone calls. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Cement Truck Drivers Needed 65K to Start - 35 days ago by Marriage Retreat - Reply

we have an urgent need for 50 drivers and 10 mechanics for positions in Houston. The goal of our client is to hire vets and employ them ASAP. Our intent is to have Cemex recruiters on site at Camp Pendleton in October to screen and begin the hiring process. Offers will be extended but successfully passing background and drug screens will be the only thing needed to close the process. We will also be able to continue this hiring for other clients beyond Cemex once we have candidates. It is important that more than 50 drivers are present at the Camp Pendleton event next month. Please get back to us with some confirmation as to expected levels of participation so we can make sure that Cemex recruiters are there with jobs in hand. Thank you.

Hiring Event on October 17, in Oceanside.

Write Mark Baird at to register. leave contact info.

looking for info on Insurance after the military - 44 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply

I've heard USAA recommended

Anyone work from home? - 48 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply is something a friend of mine has done and i'm thinking of doing in the future.

Moving close to pregnancy due date. - 48 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply

We are moving to Pendleton close to my due date. I am on Tricare standard and can't switch to Prime. I know I can deliver in the naval hospital, but will have to see someone in town for regular check ups.

Is it possible to see an OB out in town and then deliver on base? Any recommendations on OBs?

Also, if I can't deliver on base, any recommendations on hospitals? I can't seem to find ones with good and reassuring reviews online. Like the best delivery experience I found online so far requires for you to pay out of pocket before they even process the paperwork with your insurance...

New Pregnant - 48 days ago by a3031283uu - Reply

Naval hospital OB's and primary care apparently don't take tricare standard. You can deliver there, but you can't see a doctor for your regular checkups there with standard.

Anyone work from home? - 51 days ago by susimaru - Reply

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Hair Service Packages! - 52 days ago by laurabrooks - Reply

I'm a Paul Mitchell Graduate and Licensed Cosmetologist working in downtown Oceanside!! Currently offering these current packages :)
Message me for questions/inquiries.

$49 for a haircut, root touch up, conditioning treatment and style.
$69 for a haircut, partial highlight, conditioning treatment, and style.
$79 for a haircut, full highlight, conditioning treatment and style.

New Pregnant - 54 days ago by Jobell - Reply

Just found out I'm pregnant! I'm currently living in Everett WA but in two weeks we will be down on Camp Pendleton. Need advice whether to go get my blood test done here before we leave or just wait until we get there. I'm two weeks late and have had multiple positives showing before I could even cap the test. Also I know women switch to standard while pregnant (I'm on prime)and how the Naval Hospital is on base. First time pregnant so I have a ton of questions. TIA

San Mateo or San Onofre - 55 days ago by Heathery with Iconic Images - Reply

There's a bunch of information on USMC LIFE. Here's the section on housing in the area. :)

need a new dentist.. - 57 days ago by Mother Hen - Reply

Dr Catalino is a fabulous Dr! I went in because i had a dental emergency! My tooth was hurting really badly! She saw me, told me that I needed a root canal and sent me to a specialist. She was so honest and great! She didn't charge me anything for the appointment. Then, I had to go back for the crown and she helped me so that I could break the crown payment up in two so that it was easier because my insurance could only pay half. So I was able to pay half and half... then she gave me a military discount because she's a Navy Officer!!! She's down to earth and spends alllll the time int he world with you explaining what happened to your tooth. Also, she answered my call back right away when i had a question after i visited the office. She's not like any other dentist I've ever met...

Dentist Rave - 57 days ago by Mother Hen - Reply

I go here and she does a great job! Our cleanings are free, the fillings where 25-30 for white fillings. But the braces is where I saved the most money! She accepts military insurance... My children have had their braces done here and I'm only paying $100/month out of pocket throughout the duration. They make it so affordable and easy to pay!!

Sell or TRADE my AWSOME Lexus - 57 days ago by rbroadway - Reply

San Mateo or San Onofre - 58 days ago by C0NTR0LL3DCHA0S - Reply

Does anyone have any idea if there are open 4 bedrooms anywhere? Or how long the wait might be for these areas?

How much Bah am I entitled to? - 59 days ago by a4182824uu - Reply

Long story short my husband is a cpl in the marine corps. We have a 2 year old daughter, he is currently giving me $500 a month for child support I moved back home to Texas after he called me while visiting family to tell me he didnt love me anymore and wanted a divorce...My Question is if anyone knows how much of his BAH am i entitled to? (base legal hasnt been much help to me as I am back in Texas not on base anymore) Currently he gets $1800 I believe. I have gotten a job but i is still hard to be the sole provider for our daughter and barely being able to live on what i make plus $500 a month while he collects his full $1800 to live on...

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