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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-17, 6 years ago.

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26 year old, Marine wife, 2 kids, 2 cats, full time student.

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To dog owners in San Onofre 1 - 6 years ago

Try to think about the owners in a different way. Maybe they aren't just being rude, lazy or not caring. Maybe they have exhausted options of trying to curb the barking but without any luck. Some d...

Treating Marines - 6 years ago

[i]lol.... my kid trashes our house in the matter of seconds after its clean lol... its like a bat signal to her to make a mess.... like shes doing as we speak lol [/i] My daughter too.. I swear.....

Police handcuff 6 year old - 6 years ago

No.. I did not say actually throw him in a jail cell.. they have holding rooms. I was a rebel kid.. I stole something when I was 11 and got arrested.. They wanted to put a stop to it while I was youn...

Police handcuff 6 year old - 6 years ago

I would not be mad if my child was handcuffed.. If he acted like that.. I would honestly tell them to take his butt to jail and I would meet them there.. Let them scare him for his actions! Violence ...

Police handcuff 6 year old - 6 years ago

[i]I think it was fabulous! Perhaps the child will think twice about becoming so out of control again. I think it may snap the child into reality. Extreme behavior calls for extreme measures....

Treating Marines - 6 years ago

Hahaha.. send them a few toddlers to teach them what a REAL mess is.. after they clean up after a bunch of kids.. it will make it easier to clean up after themselves.. Oh and tell the kids to trash be...

Treating Marines - 6 years ago

I remember when my husband was a junior Marine that they would FLIP BEDS and empty out wall lockers for not passing inspection.. Now they just get more time, and someone holding their hand. I know th...

Treating Marines - 6 years ago

[i]my hubby has to babysit marines in the barraks during field day because apparntly adult men and women cant clean without supervision :/ thats a bit redic...[/i] ^^This! I had to stop working on...

Kaneohe Bay pcsing - 6 years ago

I didn't have school age kids at the time, so sorry.. I am not help in the school department.

Relocating, help with housing location - 6 years ago

Then he should fit right in with the rest of radio (based on others opinions of radio bn) lol. (( just making an observation ))

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