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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-02, 12 years ago.

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Loving this crazy life of mine

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hello ladies - 11 years ago

to each his own I suppose ...

hello ladies - 11 years ago

I don't think its a bad idea . Think about it your not gona just drop your child off who does that lol I'm sure she would allow you to come meet her and inspect her home. Thank you.... I have e...

hello ladies - 11 years ago

You know this would be one of the reasons my husbands chain of command says PU is nothing but drama.. you ladies have a nice night .. I wasn't being creepy or anything grow up.

hello ladies - 11 years ago

I just know as a mom of two that there have been times where I had a storage ben of clothes in my closet that I couldn't sell or old fake jewelry from high school that I would wear on dates that just ...

hello ladies - 11 years ago

why is that weird? a ton of people get rid of their things and offer to sell you it. why not say hey have a night out with your hubby and instead of spending lets say $40 bucks on a babysitter give t...

What do you do - 11 years ago

My hubby does that too but if I mention something about his car and going to get something for it he's up and dressed in a hurry .. lol I think it's just a guy thing

hello ladies - 11 years ago

Hi Im trying something new here but it helps me out at the same time lol. Anyways... I am offering my services as a babysitter for trade of items I need. like clothes, shoes, jewlery etc. Just whatev...

where to shop for a sectional :) - 11 years ago

We got ours from freedom furniture and it helped our credit at the same time.. but they are a bit pricey!

Deals - 11 years ago

Sears is doing a free photo for fathers day too just look up sears coupon and you get a free ... I think 8x10 . I went and got both my kiddos pics done with another coupon on there for $7.99 with no s...

I would love a girls night ugh! - 11 years ago

Then we should plan a girls day thats open for everyone! Maybe a lunch sometime or just a get together to meet more wives:) I only have one friend out here as well and although I love her to death ...

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