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I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-26, 12 years ago.

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Living life and learning new things each day :) Just me, the hubby, and our GSDx2.

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Fences in Stuart Mesa - 11 years ago

Its pretty quiet. There use to be a couple loud houses but they all moved in the fall. The worst was a women who would walk up and down the street cursing on her phone at the top of her lungs every ni...

Fences in Stuart Mesa - 11 years ago

I think they are starting on other areas too. We had a guy behind our house today with a stake and stuff, like he was measuring the area out. I guess he could have been measuring for something else. B...

When deployed - 11 years ago

If the guys go out on patrols I know it's recommended they take their ring off. If they were hit or injured in a way that caused their hands or fingers to swell the ring could turn into a problem. It ...

Did your relationship... - 11 years ago

[i]Oh wow :( Im glad hes okay now!! That has to be horribly scary :( i couldnt imagine... [/i] [i]Aww what a blessing he is ok& he has u. [/i] Oh thanks :) I am thankful everyday he is ok and th...

Did your relationship... - 11 years ago

Our relationship changed in a big way. My hubby was hit in an IED blast a couple months into deployment. So the first time I saw him back in the states was after the USMC flew me to Bethesda. Once we ...

Lost Dog in Stuart Mesa - 11 years ago

Posting this for a friend. Her dog is missing and we would really like to find him. His name is Memphis, he is a large brindle colored mix. Please let me know if you have seen him or even better if yo...

Deployment question - 11 years ago

[i]I sent a ton of care packages. It made me feel like I was taking care of him in some way. I sent anything my husband could want/need.[/i] Me too :) I enjoyed getting creative with the package th...

Deployment question - 11 years ago

Communication for us was really on/off. Some weeks I got an email every other day, other times it was less. The longest I went without hearing from him was 3 weeks. Like others have said, it really de...

need to know what base housing is the best for an e4 - 11 years ago

Oh and I should mention, my hubby is E4 and we have a 2 bdr. We just use it as the guest bedroom :)

need to know what base housing is the best for an e4 - 11 years ago

Stuart Mesa would be close-ish for him. Like Liz said, Pulgas is kinda in the middle, so no housing is real close. My husband and I live here with no kids and two dogs and really like it. They recentl...

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