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Southern Belle.

I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-14, 12 years ago.

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Balboa Hospital? - 11 years ago

Do ya'll know the city? i.e. mission valley, chula vista, yaddidah?

Balboa Hospital? - 11 years ago

What area of San Diego is balboa hospital in? I'm trying to find an apartment around that area and It's hard to find any information on that hospital. Also, is there an underground or a yardsale site ...

Chicken Drumsticks! - 12 years ago

What temperature and length of time do you cook chicken drumsticks in the oven? My husband and I have tried to cook drum sticks on the skillet multiple times and many of those times, they end up under...

Shady Old Boss?? - 12 years ago

aisdnfklsd this is going to suck so bad! I'm leaving for boot camp soon and he's going over seas! I hope I can settle this as soon as possible! I'll try to find out the payroll company first and f...

Shady Old Boss?? - 12 years ago

^^ I LOL'd at that! The business relocated to Texas so it's no longer in business here in Cali. I thought maybe it was sent to my old address but if it was, my apartment complex lease owner was really...

Shady Old Boss?? - 12 years ago

I worked at a private owned business last year for a couple of months. I've since moved from the apartment that I was living at during the time I was employed there. Now, I am trying to file my W2...

HTC EVO - 12 years ago

Cost 199 with an upgrade/new account. You don't have to buy retail, there are ways around it. PM me for details! The evo is one of the BEST phones out on the market.

You know that good feeling.. - 12 years ago

I didn't personally take this, and I am glad I didn't see this with my own eyes! I would not have been able to stop staring!

Your Dream House... - 12 years ago

a Tv in my beautiful, large, two oven kitchen.

You know that good feeling.. - 12 years ago

I can't even fathom the amount of work she had to go through to get her thighs in those jeans!!!

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