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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-04, 13 years ago.

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advice for kids and deployments - 11 years ago

My nephews will be going through their first deployment, as will my SIL, and I was wondering if anyone can offer any tips or suggestions on programs or activities she can do with the kids while my bro...

OUCH FML! - 12 years ago

Ouch! my fingers hurt just reading about it lol. Hope you feel better.

Have you lived here? - 12 years ago

Hubby and I lived in a privately owned fourplex near the backgate and we had no issues. The landlords were a nice older couple and they had a property management company. The rent was very affordable ...

POLL: to tell or not to tell - 12 years ago

this is a double edged sword. Do what you feel is right and what you would want someone to do for you.

What's keeping you fat? - 12 years ago

what's keeping me fat? .... laziness lol When I was unemployed, I went to an outdoor 'bootcamp' class 3x a week with a friend. I lost 21 pounds in about 4 months. Now that I work, the most exerci...

resume makers? I need a new one! - 12 years ago

My friend and I went to one of the Resume workshops and I was a little disappointed at how little they taught. Granted, it's just a workshop but I kinda expected more. If you need help, I'd be happy t...

Congratulations Texas9! - 12 years ago

I just noticed that the other thread did have the link! Sorry for the double post of pic. lol

Congratulations Texas9! - 12 years ago

[i][i]Lupe I think this is the thread with the link. [/i][/i] Texas, the thread that was deleted was actually one I started...not sure why it was deleted though. I found the FB page though and will...

Open Letter 05/23 - 12 years ago

Dear Brother: CONGRATULATIONS on making E-5! I'm so proud of you! Love, Proud Sister of a Navy DCN =)

Congratulations Texas9! - 12 years ago

[i][i]Congrats girl!!! Really happy for u that's awesome...I tried to go on the fb page but it wouldn't load up :( can anyone post it on here? [/i] [/i] Congratulations!!! I tried looking up th...

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