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I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-01, 13 years ago.

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POLL: Children and cell phones - 11 years ago

I was 7. I got one because I walked home from school by myself everyday. 3 miles. My older brother was 12 and he had one also but didn't get home for another 3 hours after I did. Mie could call anyone...

Does anyone know of a family that might need.... - 11 years ago

A two in one crib? the kind with a changing table attached to the crib? I got one for free but would like to grace another family with it as I have one of my own =) It will need moderate cleaning, it'...

Better Dead then alive I suppose - 11 years ago

I dont blame you, I would have cleared out the entire closet LOL!

Im really starting to hate PYS! - 11 years ago

[i]Last year I had a vacuum for free at the curb. Someone emailed me asking what color it was. Then they asked me to send a picture. I was like...just drive by and look at it! It's free!! :/ [/i] ...

boxes behind stores... - 11 years ago

I do! Free movig boxes!

Im really starting to hate PYS! - 11 years ago

[i]Me too I'm tired of flakes ! [/i] I can confess I am one of those flakes sometimes, because I am on bedrest and my husband takes our car all day =( and I have been to L&D for complications 5 ti...

Im really starting to hate PYS! - 11 years ago

People get so pissed I put no holds, but especially when it's free im not going to hold until the next week. The reson it's free is I want it gone or I simply want to help someone! And if one more per...

Im really starting to hate PYS! - 11 years ago

People post like 40 times for their hair specials, spam posts for cheap bags, it's just becoming a spam site! Sorry had to vent a little!

Free Food SM2 - 11 years ago

I wonder why people think because E3 and below makes less that they have less? I know E5's that need help =(

homesick - 11 years ago

[i]Every time you move you have to start over in making a home even if you lived there before. Its different every time[/i] So true!

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