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Crimson Nape Duchess

I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-24, 13 years ago.

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Pretty, fun and a bit rowdy!

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1950's Mentality (POLL) - 11 years ago

I haven't read the thread. When I was working I did most of the cooking, cleaning and running kids around. Not counting deployments of course. I did however have to lose it one day and get psyco o...

Mila NOT going to the ball now.. - 11 years ago

[i]I said the exact thing to my daughter! [/i] Exactly! Wasn't there a celebrity that went to prom with someone and everyone complained about it? I think they celebrities can show their appr...

Mila NOT going to the ball now.. - 11 years ago

I honestly don't think she should go to the ball. That would shift the focus of the evening, celebrating the Marine Corps and those that have served in the Marine Corps. At least she is still ...

Nivea $3 off coupon?? (Question for Couponers) - 12 years ago

oh good to know! Thank you Trace. I just subscribed to LA times so I'll be getting that starting this weekend. I might try and bump it to next weekend.

Nivea $3 off coupon?? (Question for Couponers) - 12 years ago

I know! I just don't get how those women do it! How do they get multiple coupon?? Try and google to see where your tanning oil is the least expensive and if it is worth the drive then pick it up wi...

Nivea $3 off coupon?? (Question for Couponers) - 12 years ago

we found it we found it!!! It was wrapped in the comics and in the recycling bin!! Now I just need to swap some of my coupons for another one of these bad boys and my mens will have manly body wash...

For all the non-husband haters on here. - 12 years ago

He always makes me smile. He is my best friend in every way! Today he came home to find his irrational wife digging through the recycling looking for a coupon and he took over and found it for me....

Nivea $3 off coupon?? (Question for Couponers) - 12 years ago

[i]mens body wash[/i] you don't have a stinky man that would benefit from it? Maybe donate it to people who put together care packages. I am trying to do that with razors.

PROPOSAL: Remove Picky Vicky as moderator - 12 years ago

[i]There have been a few peeps who embrace their past on here- I know there are a few ex strippers up on this bi#*h [/i] Teen pregnancy statistic right here! Represent all ya'll who had babies ...

Nivea $3 off coupon?? (Question for Couponers) - 12 years ago

I'm living on the edge ladies! I just ordered the newspaper! He won't notice. Thank you for the info Lauren. (:

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