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I joined this crazy place on 2008-03-20, 15 years ago.

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Wisdome Teeth Extraction - 12 years ago

I remember waking up from having my wisdom teeth removed and feeling just fine...maybe a little groggy, but fine aside from that. My cheeks were very swollen for a couple of days. I looked like a chip...

I need advice - 12 years ago

I would continue calling him repeatedly until he mans up and calls you back. He'll get tired of you calling and leaving messages and will eventually just fess up to breaking it or either return it to ...

- 12 years ago

[i]at least the link above ^^ offers military discount? lol plastic surgery is outrageously expensive. [/i] He's the doctor I used and he gave me a $1,500 discount on my tummy tuck and free lipo. ...

should i say something.. - 12 years ago

Definitely say something to him. It might not make a difference now, but maybe in the future he'll take your feelings and your dad's feelings into consideration a little more. The fact that he's a guy...

im freakin pissed - 12 years ago

I agree with wannabemod.......go to her house and politely ask her to fix it. It's messed up that she won't answer her texts or calls, but just b/c you go to her house doesn't mean you can be arrested...

POLL: Halloween - 12 years ago

I've never dressed up in the past but I plan on doing it this year. We're moving and we'll be in my hometown for Halloween this year. They do the Ghost Walk at night the day before Halloween and then ...

Forget the good luck part, now I need an "it will be ok" ..... - 12 years ago

That sounds like an awesome job....good luck!

Thief in Stuart Mesa!!! - 12 years ago

Yeah, there are a lot of thieves here in Stuart Mesa. In fact, this is the first place I've ever lived where I've had things stolen from me.

POLL: What is your favorite wine - 12 years ago

I'm not that big on wine, but when I do drink it I prefer Rielsing.

POLL: Does your husband know how to cook - 12 years ago

[i]i dont consider it as "help", i consider it as part of his responsiblity in caring for our family its like when the husband takes the kids for a few hours and he/others consider it as 'looking a...

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