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Wic office - 9 years ago

[i]Particularly those who also abuse various entitlement programs. [/i] Says the one who has liked every organization on FB. So im guessing you are referring to yourself as one who abuse the progr...

What's the difference between E3-5 and E6-9 in WM 2? - 9 years ago

Same here and we went to housing about it and they said they cant do anything to call PMO so we did and now nobody parks in the alley. OP my suggestion is get a house with a driveaway NOT alley.

Coupons - 9 years ago

Walmart Dollar Tree. Get the North County Times NOT the Union Tribute. The North County Times has multiple inserts

What's the difference between E3-5 and E6-9 in WM 2? - 9 years ago

There is not really a diffrence besides they place the same ranks in the same areas. And you have alley houses where 4 houses are connected and you have areas where there is only 2 connected. You ...

Missing child? - 9 years ago

Did it have a name on the poster?

Found pit in Forester hills!! - 9 years ago

OP if you havent found the dogs owner yet you need to call animal control before like CD said you get turned in by someone and you get into trouble.

Halloween dinner ideas - 9 years ago

So we are having people over before we go trick or treating what are some cute halloween dinners or finger foods you have seen? Please share links/pictures.

Found pit in Forester hills!! - 9 years ago

If its pit you need to call animal control bc they arent allowed on base.

Photography - 9 years ago

Okay good. I suggested some poses and ideas and didnt want to come off rude like I was telling her how to take photos.

Photography - 9 years ago

Okay so I thought I would ask for opinions. Im very anal when it comes to getting family pics done. I want them perfect. So do you think its rude if you suggest things like poses place ect to your pho...

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