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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-03, 7 years ago.

» save MrsFree as my FRIEND - HOSER

I'm 24 I don't have any children yet. Just move on base looking and for sane friends ( really if I attract one more nut I'm gonna cry). : D

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Move out inspections - 5 years ago

I know they clean the carpets before the next tenant and told us that if they found fleas that the would charge $45 to treat them.

- 5 years ago

I never even see my neighbors unless we just happen to be leaving at the same time. Making new friends is never easy when you're new. I tried making a couple with my husbands friends wives and JEEZE I...

Esthetician... - 5 years ago

what are you looking to get done?

Move out inspections - 5 years ago

[i]How about paying for the carpet if your dog peed on it?[/i] just because you pay for it doesn't mean they'll replace it. My carpet is a p.o.s. and is really matted, I know its not new and don't ...

Move out inspections - 5 years ago

What was your bill, if you don't mind my asking?

Really disgusting - 5 years ago

That makes me so angry! They are sorry excuses for human beings.

Moving to Quantico - 5 years ago

I did a little hunting last night online and found a few nice ones with great prices and space to spare, but then i checked thenm out on apartmentrater and discovered that my top two (both in stafford...

Move out inspections - 5 years ago

has anyone failed a backlight test if so what were the consequences? my dog has peed and we found it and cleaned using a black light but it still glows a bit no matter what. Any recommendations as t...

Move out inspections - 5 years ago

I'm moving out of stuart mesa next month and I'd really like a heads up on what I can expect. they gave us a really vague "you need to do" list . Any info is greatly appreciated.

Moving to Quantico - 5 years ago

Sadly we don't know what part of base he'll working. We'll need a two bedroom at least. It's just my husband, son and myself, but we have a lot of stuff. Not looking for anything fancy, but I don't wa...

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