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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-27, 8 years ago.

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Cruise? - 5 years ago

Oh and if you do go with a cruise, book your excursions ahead of time. You will save lots of money and can find them all online.

Cruise? - 5 years ago

We did one with Royal Caribbean, it was nice. I wouldnt go near Carnival after all the problems they have had lately. But if you really wanna have a great time for your money go out of the country and...

steam mop? - 5 years ago

Ive had 2. Shark and Eureka. Shark is made really cheap. I love my Eureka though. But I still use my Bissell with the throw away pads and my steamer. I love that I can use any cloths with my Eureka.

Dental - 5 years ago

Call you dentist and ask if he excepts both. Dental you can use more than insurance for. So if you keep both and use both you will in the end pay less. Does that make sense? When I used to work and it...

Suggestions - 5 years ago

[url=]Hot sheet[/url] Here is a link to the CP hotsheet. It tells you whats a...

Suggestions - 5 years ago

I like Stuart Mesa, they are older homes but still nice. They offer a concession or a extra room if you rate a 2 or 3 bedroom. We have a 3 bedroom and its huge. The thing I like the most is our laundr...

Suggestions - 5 years ago

You can get a 4 bedroom in Stuart Mesa.

toddler for sale.. lol - 5 years ago

It is not the same. A child is not the same a dog. Yes it is sad people get a pet without thinking it thru and than rehomes it but it is not the same as a child. We had to rehome a dog a we had for ab...

NEEDED HOUSE CLEANER... - 5 years ago

Contact this lady, we used her once when I was hugely pregnant and getting ready to pop and she did a great job and her rates are very reasonable. [url=

How much? - 5 years ago

Panda thats exactly how I felt. So I came up with a very reasonable rate and offer a relaxed comfortable environment where parents feel good leaving there children. I dont watch a bunch of children, I...

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